View Full Version : Need help with 8th ed 2500 Dark Elf army

08-07-2010, 18:26
For 8th I decided to have a crack at writing a new army list for my Dark Elves using those new percentages system of choosing armies. It's kinda half exercise, half writing an army if I go back into Warhammer full time (dabbling now and then at the mo).

This new (or revamped depending on your viewpoint) system is an interesting way to pick an army, getting to have a lord if you want one and not having to worry about slots restricting your special and rare choices. It's fun to have the shackles removed, but the new restriction of so many points for each category is another interesting feature.

I started this list hoping to include a dragon and a huge block of warriors led by a BsB, but Delfs are pricy!
While calculating points I missed something and now I have no idea what to remove in order to bring the force to an even 2500. At the moment it's about 2639 points.

Here it is-

Obsidius Darksight, Dreadlord- 555
Blood armour, Potion of Strength, Chillblade, Black Dragon

Kirathi, Sorceress- 185
Magic Level 2, Dispel scroll, Focus Familiar

Sorceress- 175
Magic level 2, Dispel scroll, Tome of Furion

Master Battle Standard Bearer- 153
Heavy armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dread Banner

Carthe, Assassin- 140
Touch of Death, Cloak of Twilight

30 Warriors-225
Shields, Full Command

20 Repeater Crossbowmen- 220
Full Command

20 Corsairs (Old metal models)- 225
Full Command

6 Harpies- 66

20 Executioners- 270
Full Command

20 Witch Elves- 225
Full Command

2 Bolt Throwers- 200

What can I drop? I'm at a loose end here, but I do know what I want to keep and that is the Dreadlord riding the Black Dragon, always wanted to have an army led by a dragon rider!