View Full Version : 1 Ogres in 8th

08-07-2010, 19:06
1 Butcher- Maw Seeker, Healing Potion

7 Bulls, Full Command
8 Bulls, Full Command
35 Gnoblars

2 Gorger

Its a pretty easy list to play I think that should do well at 1k points level.

The Butcher will join the larger unit making it 9 strong and thus having to lose 12 wounds to have any effect on its damage output. While the smaller unit is 7 strong and has to loose 6 wounds to effect its damage. I would be more worried about panic in the big unit but with Maw Seeker giving my Butcher +1 Toughness and stupidity, from what I understand stupidity has immune to panic built in now, and effects the unit he is with. A huge boon with the small price of stupidity checks.

Gnoblars are deep enough to tangle up flanking units my opponent might have, or a monster.

Finally the two Gorgers, will be war machine hunting, and supporting my bull units combats from the rear.

Any ideas on what this might fare well or poor against? And if you made changes to it what would you do?

08-07-2010, 19:07
Without a general for a higher LD, or a BSB for the reroll, I wouldn't go out of your way to make your butcher stupid...

09-07-2010, 18:49
one more problem, and I'm taking this straight from the book. " butchers may not be the army general"

immortal git
09-07-2010, 18:50
one more problem, you must take a bruiser in a army that doesnt have a tyrant as neither the butcher or the hunter can be a general

09-07-2010, 18:51
yes sadly they can not be the general:( i know. But most people should let you take him as the general, i know i always let my opponents use butchers as generals in small point games.

immortal git
10-07-2010, 00:18
also bsb! huge in 8th