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27-02-2006, 03:01
Heres a list im hoping is good for a tourney coming up.

2k von carstein list

vampire count lvl 2 wizard additional hand weapon, ring of the night, walking death, aura of dark majesty= 301 points

necromancer- lvl 2 wizard, dispel scroll dispell scroll=150 points

necromancer-lvl 2 wizard, dispel scroll,black periapt=140 points

necromancer lvl 2 wizard book of archan= 140 points

19 skeletons- light armour spears full command= 234 points

19 skeletons- light armour spears full command= 234 points

19 skeletons- light armour spears full command= 234 points

5 dire wolves- 50 points

5 dire wolves- 50 points

8 black knights- barding full command= 240 points

4 fell bats= 80 points

banshee= 90 points

total power dice= 10

total dispell dice= 6

total points= 1977

please tell me what you think of this list so i can improve it thanks in advance.

27-02-2006, 03:06
No spears on the skeletons, banner of the barrows for the black knights, up their numbers to ten, and probaly no banshee. An ethereal host would do good too. Great weapon instead of additional hand weapon on the Count.

Alco Engineer
27-02-2006, 03:21
Not too bad. Similar to my usualy list except I drop a black knight and take a thrall on a barded nightmare. I take ghouls intead of fell bats too.

I usually take th staff of Damnation as it can be really handy re-rolling those to hits.

I'd also consider dropping the starting size of those skeleton units as you'll have a lot of magic superiority anyway so you can bluk them up before they get in combat.

I normally give my tharll or lord the sword that gives them extra magic dice. It's very handy after you've lost a necromancer or 2....

27-02-2006, 23:10
Now the reason my count isnt super uber pumped up by magic weapons is becauses i want him to be more stratigic by being able to have everything march with in 18 inchs... and i might change the squads of skeletons to 15 in each 10 is just to little.

Alco Engineer
28-02-2006, 04:42
Fair enough on the aura of Dark majesty. I take when I have a Von Carstein Lord. I'd take more units of 10 with a full command and all the trimmings and then expand on them later. This means you get bigger, better, badder units and more of them by buying smaller ones at the start of the game.

Either that or invest in stuff you can't raise like bigger units of Dire wolves or fell bats........or even a second Banshee?? (Hmmm twin linked banshee.....)

28-02-2006, 14:36
Hahahaha... twin linked banshee... how do you get the quote to be under the post.