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09-07-2010, 05:37
Hello everyone, thank you for reading my post. Now, my question is concerning Tetto'eko and his magic item The Herald of Cosmic Events. The herald allows him to roll 2D6 at the beginning of each magic phase, and as long as the sum of the numbers rolled is 3 or greater, all lore of heavens spells will be cast with irrestible force if any of the dice rolled results in a double. Now, my question is: Does this also cause an 8th edition miscast roll? I've several threads (but are unable to find them again) that say items or rules like this one do not cause a miscast to be rolled. I, for one, am not sure how to go about this. The new BRB says the miscast occurs on a roll of double 6. Any thoughts or helpful discussion on this would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read.

09-07-2010, 06:14
BRB pg 34 says: "Note that some magic items and special rules talk of triggering a miscast or irresistible force. This is the only occasion on which one can be had without the other. (...) for example (...) an item that automatically triggers irresistible force would not require a roll on the Miscast table."

Man, if you're 8th ed rules knowledge is this poor, I'm gonna have to carry you through our entire game tomorrow, ya bum :P

09-07-2010, 13:14
Well, you're in for a world of hurt now :P

09-07-2010, 21:11
Whoops, thanks for that point mightyzombie. I'm just after complaining about tetto'eko and miscasts on another thread. Oh and Kugruk, you can only use that power once per game. Should even up your game a bit. :p