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Seth the Dark
09-07-2010, 13:04
I'm looking to create a final list for an upcoming tournament at the end of the month. Here is what I have come up with:

General 216 pts
-Barded Warhorse, Full Plate Armor, Shield
-Sword of Sigismund, Laurels of Victory

Arch Lector 216 pts
-Heavy armor
-Ring of Volans, Holy Relic, Sword of Justice

Captain 125 pts
-Armor of Meteoric Iron, Dawnstone

Warrior Priest 139 pts
-Heavy Armor
-Hammer of Judgement, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone

Warrior Priest 142 pts
-Dawn Armor, Sword of Battle

2x 30 Spearmen 290 pts
-Shields, Full Command
-Detachment: 15 Swordsmen

9 Knights 272 pts
-Full Command, War Banner

10 Crossbowmen 80 pts

10 Handgunners 80 pts

10 Archers 100 pts

24 Flagellants 240 pts

20 Greatswords 230 pts
-Full Command

2x Mortars 75 pts

2x Great Cannon 100 pts

5 Outriders 113 pts

Helstorm Rocket Battery 115 pts

Total: 2998 pts

Seth the Dark
10-07-2010, 12:27
Any comments/suggestions?

10-07-2010, 21:06
from a completely competritive perspective, your characters are costing you way too many points for what they do. Id suggest dropping your general altogether and use the arch lector as your general.
give your arch lector this setup :sword of sigismund, ghorgon shield, van hortsmanns specculum. with that you shiould beat up almost every single possible model you can challenge. Id also reccomend mounting him and putting him in the knights so they benefit from hatred.

your better off making those crossbowmen handgunners, when you weigh up the extra rounds shooting against the armourpiercing, armour piercing wins out, especially since your opponent might go first.

honestly, i think archers are also a bit rubbish pointswise, and your points will be better spent elswhere, like another unit of 10 handgunners, which is also cheaper.

drop a warrior priest. two is over kill, with one you still get plus 3 dd (arch lector), which is great anyway, plus, it saves you points.

out riders are beautiful for what they do, i suggest another unit of 5, deploy them directly behind your handgunner units. They fire over your handgunners with no penalties, the enemy fires back, the outriders can claim hardcover.

make 2 of the three handgunner units you would now have detachments for your spearmen units, then combine your swordsmen units into 1 unit and give them a standard (its good to have lots of standards for one of the 8th ed missions).
id probably make this unit 20-25 strong, nothing huge, and use it to intercept anything that closes on your artillery. id also drop all the champions in your list from units that characters will NOT be joining, as it saves points.

replace your general for a level 4 wizard, which lore you go for is up to you, but id suggest one of the following: Shadows, metal, heavens. i think they are the best lores for empire because all cause some damage, but metal can buff your shooting, same with heavens. both heavens and shadows can debuff their shooting, so you can outgun. shadows can lower the enemies movement, giving you more time to shoot, and finally, heavens does general debuffs against enemy units so you can wound them easily or theyll struggle to wound you, you can even buff your own spearmen up to strength 7 (chaos knights dont like that). Equip him him with rod of power, and talisman of preservation, or, if your cheaping out, talisman of endurance.

great swords are nice, but you dont need them as you are using flagellants, id suggest bulking up your flaggelants to 30 and use them for what your greatswords would normally do (plus, you can horde your flaggelants more effectively, although hordeing them isnt neccesary, just flaggelant damage output os equal/better than greatswords and they tarpit better)

points saved would probably be good going on an extra cannon, another helstorm or mortar or both, and perhaps a couple of small units of knights with no commands to intercept any fast cav/fliers/fast stuff that kills warmachines before they get the charge.

hope this helps. also, if you have the points left over, buy a captain on pegasus with aldreds casket of sorcery (stealing spells is very good now) and buy a lvl 1 sorcere with a dispel scroll, id reccomend putting in the sorcerer first.

oha, and lastly, non of your characters are that killy, so apart from the arch lector, equip them all for survival (ward saves armour of meteoric iron which u have, well u get the picture...)

hope this helps.

10-07-2010, 21:18
actually, if you can afford it, drop all your cannons and take 2 steamtanks, as they are ver hard to kill now, for some reason games workshop errata'd them to be toughness 10, which means kholek sun eater wounds it on 6's :P which seams really stupid to me.
then use it as a cannon until the enemy closes which you then proceed to run them over, or, if your fighting other shooty armies, drive at them, give there cannons a distraction they arent guaranteed to do anything about whilst you cannon therer warmachines, big things, infantry, knights, and the like.
If this brings you over your rare point allowance, take out helstorms and replace them with mortars.

Lord Solar Plexus
11-07-2010, 15:14
General 216 pts
-Barded Warhorse, Full Plate Armor, Shield
-Sword of Sigismund, Laurels of Victory

Not a completely bad setup but you apparently aren't using his ability to let someone carry a flag, he has no Ward Save and when he accompanies the Knights, he may not be there to keep the battle line together. I suggest the White Cloak or Talisman of Endurance instead of the Laurels (although they are quite cool).

Arch Lector 216 pts
-Heavy armor
-Ring of Volans, Holy Relic, Sword of Justice

Again, he seems a tad under-armoured despite the Relic. I'm not sure why you take the Ring. You will need to throw more PD at anything to get it through without a wizard so it doesn't strike me as overly useful.

I second the idea to make your missile units detachments - remember they do not cause panic, which can be an issue. The archers could probably make way for something more useful.

The rest looks good. Crossbows do have their uses; not everyone will want to come over to your guys. A standard on the GS or Knights could come in handy - flaming attacks on the GS or perhaps the Standard of Discipline - that way they can most certainly hold a flank on their own.