View Full Version : 2k Beastmen game tomorrow

09-07-2010, 15:50
So here is a list i am gonna run tomorrow, not really a big fantasy player bit of a 40k vet, any good?

Basic idea is the main two blocks should be stubborn, ld 9 with a re-roll for a good while and the minos go to the flanks splatting stuff. 15pts over but out group aint too fussed

Beastlord 236
Ramhorn Helm, Heavy Armour, Uncanny Senses
Gnarled Hide, Tali Protect, Brass Cleaver

Slugtounge 190
Hand Weapon

Gorbull 245
BSB, Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny

46 Ungors 291
Spears, Shields, Full cmd

34 Gors 297
2x Hand Weapons, Full Cmd

6 Minotaurs 378
Great Weapons

6 Minotaurs 378
Great Weapons

09-07-2010, 18:52
It's a great way to take advantage of the Horde rule. I would just be concerned you are ony fielding 4 units total. And a quick moving army will be able to out manuver you easily.

09-07-2010, 19:50
was thinking of being sneaky and taking the minos in 3 units of 2x2, so lessens the frontage and still get same attacks...

I guess it is a bit slow, i was banking on the good mino movement and others being m5 to get in there quick