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Hive Fleet Chiron
09-07-2010, 16:00
So I was sitting at work this morning not really doing anything other then answering the occasional phone call and drinking my 2nd Monster, (waking up early is a bitch). At my LGS they are open normally until midnight but since the new edition is coming out at midnight they are going to stay open a while longer, so that all of us geeks can get a copy of the new edition to drool over until we can play it on Tuesday, our Fantasy Night, YAY!!

I have heard/read a lot on the new edition, and most of the die-hard players are complaining that this new edition is crap and that GW has completely destroyed fantasy, because their army is no longer viable. To which I always ask, what is your army, and most of the time it is either Vamp. Counts or WoC. I don't really know that much having just started Fantasy about 4 or so months ago so I say, well that sucks. Most of the time the same people who have been complaining tell me that I will like the new edition being a 40k player and that they will be taking a break for a while to catch up with the times. I would like to know how many of the people who have played the new edition have liked it, and also, how many of you are excited for the new edition?

Well enough about the people complaining/ comparing 7th ed to 8th, I am excited and to me that is all that matters!

I am trying to do a scalable list like I do for all of my 40k lists. So here is my fist attempt at 8th ed.

Lords: 595 19.8%

Lord Bractus Von Hoefain of the Order of the Beast- Wizard Lord Lv. 4, New Item 310

Lord Vieolles Von Ruckstag of the Order of the Heavens- Wizard Lord Lv. 4, Warhorse, New Item 285

Heros:483 16.1%

Captain Agis Garner of the Langon Guard- BSB, Heavy Armour, Shield, Banner of Valor 115

Friar Durnhelm the Pious- Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon 114

Friar Groger Daemon Slayer- Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon 114

Wizard Leopold the Grey- Lv. 2, Lore of Shadows, Grey Wand 140

Core: 1346 44.9%

Hand Gunners- 30 Strong, Marksman, Repeater Handgun 256 (306)
Detachments: 10 Free Company 50

Hand Gunners- 23 Strong, Marksman, Repeater Handgun 200 (250)
Detachment: 10 Free Company 50

Hand Gunners- 23 Strong, Marksman, Repeater Handgun 200 (250)
Detachment: 10 Free Company 50

Knights of the Empire- 10 strong, Full Command 270

Knights of the Empire- 10 Strong, Full Command 270

Special: 350 11.7%

Great Cannon- 100

Great Cannon- 100

Mortar- 75

Mortar- 75

Rare: 225 7.5%

Hellblaster Volley Gun- 110

Hell Storm Rocket Battery- 115

Thoughts: Ranged pain. That is 67 S 4 shots per turn with 2 strength 10 D6 wound killing shots and 2 S 3/ 6 D3W along with 10 Levels of Magic and 20 rerolling S5 on the charge knights to keep the heavy stuff out of the fight. The I dea is to shoot until I can't shoot no more and then use the knights and the free company to hold/ contest objectives as well as get a lot of kill points while trying to keep my losses to a minimum. So, what do you all think?

Hive Fleet Chiron
12-07-2010, 13:24
I went to my LGS at Midnight on Friday and was discussing the new edition. It is crazy this particular store got 100 or so copies and around 15 where reserved and by tonight they expected to be out of them. I work at a video game store that has midnight launches and we lately haven't had such a good turn out, for opening weekend. I was also excited to hear that they tried to get more and their suppliers where tapped out and don't expect more until next week some time.

Now GW don't pull a Electronic Arts and just because one batch ran out, don't produce 4 million more only to find that all you needed was about 1 million more copies.

At the game store this has happened with Madden '07, '08, and '09. After '09 they finally learned that maybe, we should only make actual demand for last years, duh.

Sorry I hate EA's business plans, as well as Activision, yay no more Infinity ward. *looks at whole in foot and the smoking gun in their hand* :rolleyes: