View Full Version : Gyrocopter and Fleeing

09-07-2010, 16:40
I'm not quite sure if this has been answered in another context but the gyrocopter has a Move of "-" and in a flee since all models with the fly special ability use their base movement plus 2d6. My question is does the Gyrocopter Flee 2d6 to a max of 12" or do they use the fly movement ( since It doesn't land at all) Movenment + 2d6 to a max of 22" or finally the codex states if the gyrocopter cannot fly it cannot move. So how would this flee work out?

FAQ says nothing of this and i'm just curious.:confused:

09-07-2010, 16:42
Fleeing flyers don't add their Move to anything.

They roll 3d6 and discard the lowest.

However, the Gyrocopter cannot move at all if it cannot fly, and flyers cannot fly when they flee in 8th, so it doesn't move I suppose.