View Full Version : WoC 2500 - my first battles in 8th

09-07-2010, 21:06
Played my first two games of 8th today (Battle for the Pass v Dwarfs then Battlelines v Tomb Kings). Won both, which was nice. Same list for both:

Khorne Lord
• Juggernaut
• Great Weapon
• Talisman of Preservation & Favour of the Gods 337

Exalted Hero of Khorne
• Battle Standard
• Sword of Anti-Heroes, Enchanted Shield & Opal Amulet 200

Chaos Sorcerer
• Level 2
• The Black Tongue 170

18 Warriors of Khorne
• Great Weapons & Shields
• Full Command
• Gleaming Pennant 384

39 Marauders of Khorne
• Great Weapons
• Full Command 245

24 Marauders
• Shields & Light Armour
• Full Command 164

10 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne
• Flails, Throwing Axes & Light Armour
• Full Command 240

5 Warhounds 30

6 Knights of Khorne
• Full Command
• Gleaming Pennant 325

Warshrine 130

• Additional Hand Weapon 275

Total: 2500

I've been particularly pleased with my Battle Standard - the biggest threat to him is enemy characters, but the more of them there are in combat with his unit the stronger he gets, thanks to his sword. So I've stuck him in the massive marauder horde, which means he'll often have two or more characters in contact, thus getting +2S and +2A for 30 points. And when there aren't any enemy characters he's perfectly capable of handling himself with just 5 S5 attacks.

The marauder horde have acquitted themselves well too in the first battle they helped beat Ironbreakers, Dwarf Warriors with GWs, Battle Standard and Runesmith (with help from the Battle Standard and an incompetent Shaggoth), though they died to a man (Khorne doesn't care from whence the blood flows!). Second battle they absorbed a huge amount of missile fire and magic from Khemrian archers, SSCs and Heirophants, leaving my more elite units unscathed to carve their way through the enemy units like a hot knife through air (not even butter). I love this unit, and might reward them with an extra rank (they'd still come in just under 300 points)

The genuine ward save was all my general needed, as he came up against a Dwarf Lord who ignored armour saves. Will experiment with some other setups as well though - want to try the Hellfire Sword for killing characters, monsters and especially anything with regenerate.

Sorcerer was mostly ineffective, but then he did have an item which was utterly useless against Dwarfs and Tomb Kings!

The warshrine is something I don't usually take, and from what happened today I might well ditch it. I rolled exactly the wrong result every time. Firstly my Marauder Horde got The Eye is Closed, then they got a Scaly Skin save (while fighting S4 and S5 enemies!), then they got Stupidity! Then I gave my Warriors +1 Ld at the end of the battle, as they were standing next to my general so had Ld9 anyway. Ditto in the next battle, nothing useful at all. Magic Resistance, the turn after I killed his last magic user! :p

Anyway, not sure I'd change much after two very convincing wins, but would appreciate any comments (especially if I've made a mistake of some kind!).