View Full Version : Need help deciding weapon for chaplain and his fluff

10-07-2010, 03:51
Well, I'm creating an awesome Chaplain that will hopefully be converted into a model, he is Chaplain Orion, (Who wouldn't want to create an awesome character for their profile name?) one day and I ran into a problem. What is the best complimentary weapon for him? He has a Crozius Arcanum like a mace and originally had a powerfist to go with it, but then i realized something. He looks just like Horus! (Bum Bum BUUUM) So now I'm trying to think of something to go with the mace. The background is that he was one of the chaplains in Word Bearers legion during the Great Crusade and upon finding out that the chapter was to convert back to Chaose and a few other loyalists, after stealing terminator armor, escaped with a battleship into the warp setting course for Holy Terra. But Warpspace is fickle thing, and they appeared too late and the Emperor was already on the verge of death. At this part i don't know what else to say but it leads up to him being part of the original Inquisition and then he gets sucked back into the warp and spit out in the 41st millennium and finds out about how evil the Inquisition has become so he leaves believing that they are going down the path of damnation. wow that felt like a lot of writing.

10-07-2010, 04:31
Well, Horus had a lightning claw and a pretty distinctive one at that. (It's the weapon Abaddon uses.) So, unless you really go out of your way to make his powerfist look like Horus' lightning claw, you'll probably be fine.

Of course, this all assumes that you don't want this model to be tabletop viable. If you do, you really don't have any options at all. Chaplains don't get a second melee weapon choice if they take terminator armor.