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Gormereth, the Fearmonger
10-07-2010, 15:02
I started off with a 2500K WE vs HE
followed by a 2500K LM vs HE
and finally an army switch of HE vs WE

Game 1:
Got Meeting Engagement.

I was playing a character intensive WE list:
Lvl 3 w/the wand
Alter Highborn with the sword of +2 strenght, 3+ ward, Helm of the hunt
2 Lvl 1s (one with feedback, one with D-scroll)
and a branchwraith with cluster and pagent
Supported by 3 units of GG, 2 dryads, 2 G-riders, and a unit of 6 treekin

He ha Korhil, a Level 4 with death I think, BSB and another wizard (and another noble I think)
supported by 2 large blocks of seaguard, DP, 3 chariots, 2 bolt trowers, archers and white lions.

My BSB, Wizard with the feed back scroll,and on G-Rider unit get caugth in reserve.

His Lvl 4 and white lions do the same.

He depolys first, putting the bolt-throwers on the table corners with pretty even depolyment spit up by a building in the center of the boards. I put one unit of dryads, G-Riders and archers on one end and the rest on the other (thinking that side to be the softer side).

Turn 1:
I put my big archer unit with my lvl 3 in wood to protect them, roll a wildwood, and they lose like 3 archers before the my turn 1. Both his reserves walk on and he moves up, casting and shooting.

My turn 1, I try to get to the bolt-thrower on one side, while my dryads charge a chariot and re-direct into a seaguard unit. I position my Alter to take a charge from the DP's and otherwise move up my treekin. Dryads fluff their attacks (even the branchwriath), get cut down and the Seaguard purse to like 4" out from the archer unit with my Lvl 3.

Turn 2:
The charges going from my right to left:DP and white lions charge dryads, SeaGuard w/Korhil charge an archer unit, Seaguard and a Lion chariot charge the Lvl3's unit, and Dp charge the Alter. Bolt-thrower killed all 5 G-Riders around it in one volley. He crushed me in every combat, but one: the alter noble took 2 wounds (failing a 4+ armour/3+ ward against a horse) but killed 4/5 DP. Korhil was able to overrun from one unit of archers into another.

My turn 2, I have 6 treekin, an Alter with 1 wound, and the models held back in reserve is all that's left...plus 10 archers fightin Korhil and 20 seaguard. He lost 1 unit of naked DP and a Lion chariot that fail a dangerous terrain check overrunning from killing my level 3. We just call it there.


I had zero luck this game. I took Beasts just to try it out but failed to cast my first and only spell I even attempted. Reserves being able to come in turn 1 seemed really stupid at the time, but I guess it does have an applicable affect that balances out the fact that player one deploys everthing first.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
10-07-2010, 15:23
2500K LM game.

I proxy up a lizardman army vs the same HE army.

I run a Slann w/ Light, 16 TG, 3 units of 18 Saurus, a2 Sallies, an A.Steg, and a giant block of 40 skinks as a bunker for the Skink that's a mini-Teclis and a lvl 1 with the Forbidden rod.

We get Dawn Engagement and he goes first again.

Turn 1:
He moves up and shoots (standard of the sun is a real blessing.

my Turn 1, Trigger the skink-Teclis' ability to drop and irressible comet in his lines. Looking over the rules for the spell later that turn I see it doesn't increase in range over time and you don't check until the magic phase; these two combined means almost any army can easily just get out of the way. Sallies wiff their artillery dice rolls.

Turn 2:
He just keeps shooting, one sally dies.

On my turn, Slann moves up employing my plan to cast every buff spell from Lore of Light on the surrounding TG and Saurus units. I irresistable force, roll a 1 on the cup of the hands and nuke my own temple guard.

His turn:
Double charges on saurs with Korhil's unit and DP, they roll low. BSB charges reduced TG
Comet goes off, no noe is within 2D6", but I roll snake-eyes for range anyway.

The rest of the game: re-rolls to hit (specially with great weapons) ripe aparts my TG and saurs. A Chariot and DP get to the 40 skink bunker and wipe it out because one round of shooting, stand and shoot, and 3 rounds of fighting in 3 ranks could only successfully wound 2 DP and a tiranoc chariot twice.

The fact that they can get out of the way of Comet makes the strategy way less effective (ans it means I clearly used it wrong). I sunk a a lot of points in to the comet/cuped hands plan only to roll a lot of ones.

Beginning to think I'm not losing with wood elves because their weak, I just can't roll at all.

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
10-07-2010, 16:03
Game 3

Store manager wants to try WE and I play using HE at 2K.

I go with 3 bolt-throwers, 2 eagle, 20 spears, 20 Seaguard, 10 archers, 15 PG 5 DP, a chariot a level 4, a level 1, Korhil, and a BSB.

He takes a Branchwraith with cluster, lvl 1 with deepwood sphere, level 4 with the wand, naked BSB, 4 units of 10 dryads 3 archers (1 big one to hide the BSB and LVL 4), 5 Glade riders, and a Treeman.

We get Bloody and Glory.

I actually go first. I shoot seaguard, all 3 bolt-throwers, archers and the chariot at the big GG unit with a banner, General, and BSB in it (enought to win the game if I wipe them out). I only kill about five glade guard turn one.

The rest of the game basicly goes as follows: I hit the unit with everything but wiff on rolls the wound unit the BSB jumps to a new unit. I hit that unit, wiff on the rolls that count, ~30 shoots later the unit wizard is still alive.
The two models I need to kill to win the game enter the forest, I roll 6 dice to get off "Awaken the Woods" and roll three 1's and the total in the end (adding +4) was like 18. I charge with my BSB into dryads who hits 3 times, rolls a 1,1,2 and the dryad makes the ward save. I only kill odds with the spearmen, he rolls high, kills enough, they break (even with the re-roll), Dryads pursue far enough to flank my PG with the last of my fortitute.

I get charged in the front, rear, and flank by dryads, fail a stubborn 9, and that's game.

Additional Highlighs include a great Eagle rear charging dryads and cutting them down (even though he wiffed ever single attack...even stomp) and Korhil in a forest that give poison attacks, in a unit with the "flamming banner" fighting a treeman cann't kill it in one turn


My first time with high elves and I played like a complete idiot. My terrible luck with rolling that day aside, I should have targeted the treeman turn 1 and wiped him out first; I saw a single unit of ~20 toughness 3, no save wounds and if I killing it wins me the game and I got greedy. I also should have tried lore of metal, but I was too inexperience and just went with Life and Beasts...but when I roll three 1s on 6 dice that hardly matters.

Eagles where just not that useful (but I guess I didn't use them right), I would probably drop one eagle and a bolt-trower, the DP and the chariot for more infantry if I had to do it all over again.

Overall I would have won and in like the second turn if I could roll when I really had to.

Additional, the new fear stinks...by which I mean no one ever remembers to test, you might lose martial prowess on the charge now, WE really don't have any good places to put a spellweaver & a BSB (they usually end up in the same unit).

10-07-2010, 17:02
WE has taken a real punch in 8th it seems....

Tough luck in all games, get some new dice and a new brain ;)