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10-07-2010, 16:25
I've been playing around with different empire lists and this is what I have currently. I'd be grateful for input.

Lords (415)

Arch Lecter. Dawn armour and shield.

Wizard Lord. Level 4. Grey Wand. (Not sure what lore. Prolly life)

Heroes (100)

Captain. Armour of Meteoric Iron. BSB

Core (523, not including swordsmen detachment)

40 halberdiers. Full command.
Detachment of 15 swordsmen

18 Flagellants with prophet of doom

11 hand gunners. Marksman with long rifle.

Special (570)

19 Great swords. Full command

2 Cannons

2 Mortars

And a Steam Tank

AL and BSB go with greatswords and wizard with hand gunners (which doesn't seem great).

I'm mostly happy with how it looks, though I have a few niggling concerns, as follows:

- No magic weapons. Magic might be enough but I only have one wizard and the AL for this.

- Placement of the wizard. He doesn't want to be in combat, obviously, but looks vulnerable in the hand gunner unit, as well as immobile. I could drop a mortar and a handgunner and have 10 archers for him to run around with, but the mortar seems a lot better than the archers. Alternatively, It could be the hand gunners I drop, to take archers plus some kind of magic weapon. Or he could ride around with some fast cavalry, or all kinds of other things.

- I'm not sure if the AL is the best choice of general, but he seems to be. 2 extra dispel dice (faq says nothing about taking these away) and rerolls to hit for the greatswords seems like a good deal. Shame he won't win any prizes in combat, but there isn't a lot of competition on that score and maybe his unit will make up for it.

- The flagellants aren't a huge unit but I think they should be useful. They are a likely target for flesh to stone, and handy as a unit that doesn't rely on the general's LD. It also looks like a unit of <20 core troops to stick in a watch tower will be handy in that scenario, so it will be useful to have a unit able to fit inside.

Anyway the basic theme is there. Quite a lot of infantry with artillery support and a stank to drive into the biggest thing I see coming in the other direction. Think it will work?