View Full Version : 2250 standard 8th Ed High Elf List

10-07-2010, 19:00
High Elf Prince
Dragon armour, Potion of Foolhardiness, vambraces of defence, White Sword: 259pts
(5 killing blow str6 reroll attacks on charge (4 normal). 5+ armour, 4+ ward. live with white lions)

Lords: 259pts (11.51%)

Armour of Calador, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon, Battle Standard: 168pts
(2+ armour, 5+ ward, 3 str6 attacks. Lives with Phoenix guard)

Level 2, Silver Wand, Reaver bow: 185pts
(3 spells, +3 to dispel, 3 str 5 ranged attacks. Lives with seaguard. Will either go lore of life to support my army or maybe an offensive law. Will test different laws in different games to see which works best as an all comers law as in tournaments you wont get to choose anymore before each game)

Heroes (2): 353 Points (15.68%)

10 Elven Archers: 110pts

10 Elven Archers: 110pts

25 Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, shields: 350pts
(start of 10 wide then reform when needs be. Ranged support main units while moving forwards to support in combat when needs be)

Core (3): 570points (25.5%)

16 White lions of Chrace
Full command, Banner of eternal flame: 280pts
(Will take them 6 wide in 3 ranks. I dont want to go 7 wide as I want to reduce as many horde attacks against me as possible but still dishing out some pain). Will give me 12 Flaming str6 attacks with rerolls to hit. Lord sits with them to give stubborn ld10)

16 Phoenix Guard (240)
Full com mand, razor standard: 315pts
(Same as white lions but 12 AP str 4 attacks)

Lion Chariot: 140pts

Lion Chariot: 140pts
(Each Chariot will support a elite unit when against hordes and will go combigned down a flank when against shooting)

6 Dragon Princes: 180pts
(Against shooting armies will go with the lion chariots. Against hordes they will wait to flank charge a unit (yes I know you don’t get to remove ranks and shooting is alot better nowdays but the 12 ws5, I6 re-roll attacks at str will help to eat through horde units)

Special (5): 1055points (46.88%)

HE are alot more combat effective now (even though the step uo rule hurts us big time hence no more swordmasters) and I feel I want to get into combat asap (with small amount of ranged support and no BT)