View Full Version : Does the Cauldron of Blood suck?

10-07-2010, 21:10
Someone posted that it's not even worth taking anymore but didn't back it up so I have to know. What hits did it take?

Von Wibble
10-07-2010, 21:18
The cauldron itself isn't invulnerable to shooting anymore (though oc you could in the past just hit the crew).

In shooting the cauldron is now T10 with 4 wounds, losing a witch elf for each of the first 2 wounds lost, and then the hag queen when the 4th wound is removed.

In combat the Cauldron is T3. But you could have just killed the crew in 7th ed so no hit there.

Overall I don't think its untakeable at all. I suppose the greater charge ranges make it easier to charge, and the extra rank fighting make the cauldron a bit more vulnerable in combat. But its still a great thing to take imo.

11-07-2010, 02:14
I always played wrong and ignored the whole ramdomising onto the machine part so for me against shooting its a whole lot better, but losing 3 attacks and terrorsorta hurts, but the benefits it gives and possibility to also be a BSB is pretty damn good, i havent had any issues with it so far.