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11-07-2010, 01:05
i'm looking at a relatively cheap and fast to put togther army while i work on my large scale goblin project. ores look pretty boss in the new rules:

Ogres - 3000 Points

Tyrant - mawseeker, tenderiser, gut maw, heavy armour - 296
Slaughtermaster - halfling cookbook, bloodcleaver - 250

Bruiser - bsb, armour of destiny - 215

8 bulls - ironfist, bellower, standard - 350
8 bulls - ironfist, bellower, standard - 350
6 ironguts - bellower, standard - 318
5 ironguts - bellower, standard, gutmaw - 290
60 gnoblars - 120

4 leadbelchers - 220
4 leadbelchers - 220
4 leadbelchers - 220

Gorger - 75
Gorger - 75

what do you guys think?

11-07-2010, 19:08
Your charecters are good, a bsb, a combat charecter and a lord-level mage. I would make him a lv.4, so that when ever you roll to dipel, you add 4 to the roll (you add the highest spellcasters level to the dispel)

Your core is good, as long as they all deploy in 2 ranks, for maximum attacks.

12 leadbelchers is a bit excesive, i would swap 4 of them for some scrap launchers, as many as possible, up to 4

And you can't go wrong with gorgers, excellent warmachine killers

so, not bad, for a beginer


immortal git
11-07-2010, 20:28
hes a level 4 basic, too many bealchers, would make sense to give the gutmaw to the larger unit of ironguts,also a unit of gnoblars to sponge the spell from the banner would be a good investment. tyrant seems vulverable if you ask me without a ward save.