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27-02-2006, 15:34
Heres my list for a local tourney.

I won it last time but that was with my old (very :cheese: ) slaaneshi chaos army. I`ve sold that army I decided slaaneshi magic was too good and that although powerful, chaos werent as quick as my previous druchii army and were getting stale.

My new LOVE, and I mean LOVE :D are my Asrai army.

5 wins out of 5 so far but I have yet to face brettonians and lizardmen.
I did wipe the floor with a blood dragon army but a lot of his knights were crumbled after I killed the vampire. So my main worries with my list are uber-magic, silly amounts of knights, bloodthirsters and the like and i`ve yet to face new dwarves so I`m not sure how much they`ve changed in terms of strategies.

Well here it is;


Aemraseph, High Warden *Joins Wardancers - 280
General, Wardancer Kindred, Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings, Moonstone of Hidden Ways


Marduss, Acolyte of Willow - 150
Level II, Longbow, Calaingors Stave

Sabriel, Acolyte of Oak - 175
Level II, Longbow, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll


12 Glade Guard - 144

12 Glade Guard - 144

8 Dryads - 96

8 Dryads - 96

8 Dryads - 96

5 Glade Riders - 129


8 Wardancers 150

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

4 Treekin - 260


6 Waywatchers - 144

Great Eagle - 50

2254pts. 84 models 6 PD 4DD

I`m thinking of dropping a waywatcher and taking HODA on Marduss as IMHO the arrow will kill more pts worth than a single waywatcher.

What do you guys think? I`ve purposely avoided treemen as I think Treekin are superior in most ways. Mostly in that they won`t be taken out by one cannonball!

god octo
27-02-2006, 17:21
i would agree with you- i took a unit of 6 waywatchers, but later reduced themto 5, with no effect on their game play. The HODA is very useful, so i think you should get it.

Your list is very solid, with a mix of speed and staying power. i applaud you for taking treekin, you will find them very good. The moonstone is a very difficult item to use, but as your highborn has the annoyance, he should be protected.

overall, there is little i would chage in your list, so good luck and have fun.

Ps by the way, i like the name of your 2nd mage!:D

27-02-2006, 19:11
I`ll drop a waywatcher then.

Treekin are gods. ;)

Yeah I like those books, very kool. All that walking round the etheric ringing bells its very clever. Considering everything is a vibration bells were the perfect weapon.....

Have you read the other ones or just sabriel?

god octo
27-02-2006, 21:32
all of them, including the world book day one, Abhorsens my fav. Also, by the way, the deepwood sphere can be quite useful, so if the stave doesnt do it for you, try that.