View Full Version : 8th Edition Charge rule and Wheel Question

11-07-2010, 18:00
I've heard/read people saying that the one up to 90 degee wheel you get as part of a charge move is "free"-- i.e. you don't have to payment the movement cost of the move.

But now that I have my book I don't actually see that mentioned expressly.

Is it implicit in that statement that once you've measured and determined the target is in range you don't actually have to measure any more?

If that's so, then why do the rules even bother with wheeling on the charge? Couldn't you just move the charger into full contact without worrying about wheeling, etc?


Lord Zarkov
11-07-2010, 18:03
P20 says we don't need to worry about how far it moves if they are in charge range. The one wheel is to maximise attacks since you don't get to realign if models are out of combat.

11-07-2010, 21:01
I had troubles with the same issue. The problem is that the answer to this question is on three separate pages. Here is where it is all explained.

Page 6 has a nifty diagram showing how measuring is done.

Page 19 states that once the charging unit's charge range has been established, measure the distance between the charging unit and its target.

Page 20 states that if your unit's charge range equals or exceeds the distance between your unit and its target you are in charge range. At which point you have 1 wheel during the charge, 1 wheel once you make contact with the enemy, & unlimited movement to get there.

So yes... You measure from the closest corner of your unit to its target for charges.