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12-07-2010, 03:37
Sorry if this has been asked but I cannot keep up with all the threads now that the new book is out.

Combat Reform says that you cannot remove models from combat. How explicit is that?

If I have an anvil/tar-pit hit in the fron by a unit+char and I kill the unit to man leaving only the char in a challenge, say. Can I combat reform to put the remaining character in my flank because there is another unit sneaking up on my flank? Same question if there is already a unit in the flank engaging me.

In both cases models (second rank supporting attacks usually) might leave combat and not be in the new combat although the total number of models fighting usually goes up. In the case of the challenge, a supporting attack is not in contact anymore but it was not fighting in the first place because of the challenge.

12-07-2010, 06:14
You are not allowed to perform a reform maneuver if you are engaged into combat on more than one side, and if you can reform, you may not move models our of base contact.
So :
If you move them from combat into combat, that's fine. If you have a hero next to someone else fighting in a challenge, this hero will be in base contact with the enemy, and may not be moved to the side of the front rank out of base contact (assuming you are not engaged anywhere else).

12-07-2010, 06:30
First, where do you find anything that suggests that you cannot reform in a multiple combat?

Second, how could you reform to move from combat into combat unless you were already in a multiple combat?

Third, if I have a hero in combat how is he, in any way, prevented from moving in the unit as part of the reform as long as he winds up in base contact at the end of the reform?

None of those have much to do with my question in the first place. Question one is whether or not supporting attacks count as models in contact with an enemy (i.e. can I turn to flank if it lowers my supporting attacks but does not change the number of models in base contact, for example in anticipation of a second unit charging)? Question two is does the answer to question one change if I have the lone model in the front engaged in a challenge so that there can be no supporting attacks.

12-07-2010, 06:42
To your first question, I point you to RBRB p.55, the very last sentence on the page.

You definitely cannot reform to move into a combat. Only a charge can get you into combat (or something that counts as a charge, e.g. overruns).

You can't move models out of base contact, but you can reform to have the unit facing a different direction. The champion/character fighting in the challenge will need to stay in base contact with the lone hero he's fighting, though, instead of being in the front rank.

Being in position to make a supporting attack is not the same as being in base contact. Thus, you can reform to reduce your supporting attacks (and give the enemy a flank bonus, in fact) as long as you don't reduce models in base contact. That's true whether a challenge is involved or not.