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12-07-2010, 05:39
Hi there! First list with new rules, wanted to get it fixed here first before I buy anything else! Thanks for looking!

Black Orc Warboss- Enchanted Shield, Boar, Boss At, Akrit Axe, Boots-264

Night Goblin Warboss- Best Basha-70

Black Orc boss- Boar, Heavy Armor, Shield, BSB, Mork’s Spirit Totem-180

Night Goblin- Great Weapon-34

41 Orcs- 2 Hand weapons, Full Command-317

42 Orcs- 2 Hand Weapons, Full Command-324

50 Night Goblins-Spears, Standard, Musician, Nets-255

21 Night Goblins- Musician, Nets-102

21 Night Goblins, Musician, Nets-102

5 Wolves- Musician-66

5 Wolves- Musician-66

2 Spear Chukkas-70

2 Spear Chukkas-70


Total: 2000

12-07-2010, 15:45
Uh, I hope you've read the new rules. Some of what you're pulling here looks like 7th all over again.

Your heroes on Boars can't benefit from the look out sir rule if they're in a unit of the same type (boars, spiders, wolves). This could be very messy depending on who you play against.

Also just want to make sure you realize that a unit of 5 wolves won't be breaking any ranks and will be more for hunting war machines and small units than flank attacks.

Other than those items it's looking pretty good. I might drop one of the small night goblin unit for another chariot and or rock lobba.

12-07-2010, 18:42
breaking ranks requires a rank, not a rank bonus, so 5 wolves will break ranks. the catch is that all 5 have to be alive at the end of the combat, because that's when ranks are established.

boarback bosses need not be in units of boar boyz. the rule is that you only get look out sir if you are in a unit of the same type. so, a unit of cav is what's required for a boarback boss, or a wolfback boss.

if you want your bowgobs to do combat, which is implied by the netters, then you will want to combine those 2 units into 1. otherwise, keep them cheap at 67 points. if you do drop the 2 netters, i would add a rock lobba for the points.

12-07-2010, 21:31
according to disruption, you need 2 ranks to break ranks, which makes 5 wolves insufficient.

i second vote for rock lobbas. great to reduce enemy hordes and secure superior hordes on your own side.

12-07-2010, 21:39
my bad. insufficient memory ;)

13-07-2010, 19:23
On the small Night Goblin units, I use them to flank and use nets as support for the Orc blocks, and destroy other support units, to some effect. Wolves are there to bait and hunt machines, which has also been successful for me.

I guess being on boars might be a problem, I'll need to play against games with more ranged stuff before I determine whether I put them on foot or not. I just enjoy having the Orcs have a high armor save.

It also turns out I am 87 points over, so I am going to edit the list by taking out an orc and the chariot. My problem is not having much hard hitting stuff, any thoughts on what to add, based on what I told you?