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12-07-2010, 06:19
Hey guys just want to keep this quick. The new rules are very fun, the terrain we did was random and worked out perfect. The new missions are excellent! Magic is very fun and Dwarf infantry can actually move now! Here is the recap.

HE Army:
Lvl4 lore of life, staff of solidity(ignore 1 miscast)
Lvl2 lore of metal, silver wand (+1 spell)
BSB Noble, Great Weapon, 2+ save armor, devastating charge potion (I had 5 extra points)

25 Spears Full Command
25 Spears Full Command

20 Phoenix Guard Full Command, Standard of Sorcery
Lion Chariot
5 Dragon Princes
5 Dragon Princes
1 Eagle
1 Eagle

Dwarf Army:
Lord with moderate defense and offense

20 Warriors with shields and full command
20 Longbeards with shields and full command
20 Ironbreakers full command
20 Hammerers full command
20 Miners full command
10 Quarallers
2 Bolt Throwers
1 Organ Gun

We rolled up battle for the pass which was perfect for our story of Elves marching on a Dwarf city. Then after random terrain we got 2 woods, 1 river, 2 bogs (one was regen saves, the other was hard cover with monsters in it), 2 fences, and a Dwarf Brewery! The Brewery was perfect for our story! A battle for a key pass and the Dwarf army refused to surrender their brewery!

Deployment was fairly standard, only really mixed up by the brewery's special rules. Dwarf units within 6 inches of it were unbreakable but to move away from it requires a leadership test at -3. Pretty nutty.

I deployed with my phoenix guard center, spears on either side, archmage and BSB in phoenix guard, mage in spears. Dragon Princes and Eagles were deployed to the far left in a column, and the lion chariot was set to support the right spears.

My opponent deployed wide across his zone with his 2 special troops next to the brewery, and miners in reserve. The quarallers were in the pub (5 can shoot out), and his lord was in the hamerers, finally his organ gun was next to the pub as well. To the other side were his two bolts behind a fence, and his long beards, and warriors on either side. His miners were set to pop out of the canyon walls (the rules don't allow this but it made no sense to us why a miner wouldn't tunnel a rock face).

Over the first turns I advanced, and managed to debuff his armor saves on 3 of his units, while smashing up a bolt thrower with my eagles. One of my eagles and my chariot died as I approached the pub, however he was unable to move either of his troop units away from it the entire game! Once I saw how he was struggling I moved away from it and focused on the 2 core units and the miners with my entire army, exploiting his stubborn love of the dark brew :p

There was some exciting moments when he charged my eagle at 15 inches away, as well as my Dragon Princes at 11 inches twice! However I was able to flee with the eagle forcing a flank charge into the warriors, while the long beards failed to clear out my dragon princes, so my spears flanked them as well. Bait and flee still very well works, and eagles are excellent at tearing up war machines with the stomp attack.

Neat highlights:
1. My lvl 1 mage miscast and lost all of his magic levels making him the most expensive archer with no bow of all time.

2. My lore of life buffed my Phoenix Guard to 7 toughness, 5+ armor, 4+ ward, great weapon miners couldn't even touch them!

3. His miners got a massive charge off and almost slew my Archmage, causing 3 hits but only 2 wounds with strength 5! After which I was able to cast 2 lore of life spells to full heal her again! Hurrah!

4. The terrain added great variety to the game! Very fun! (we have a large collection however)

5. Dwarf melee lists could actually do quite well without war machines if they wanted now!

6. If my opponent had some better luck with the brewery rolls or had brought more artillery and camped around it instead of quite as much melee it would have been a much tougher fight. Especially if he had some stone throwers.

Final Thoughts:
New Warhammer is A LOT OF FUN! Naysayers beware this game plays a lot like 7th with only minor tweaks, baiting enemies into flanking is just as important, along with your timing. It is slightly harder to accomplish with needing ranks to negate ranks but the challenge is fun to try for. Looking 3-4 turns ahead and estimating odds of victory, while exploiting lucky situations and minimizing losses, that is still how you beat someone. People who said this game lost all its tactical play just need to relax and try it. It is a superior book.

12-07-2010, 15:30
Glad you had fun :)

And a toughness 7 elf is just madness!!! ;)

12-07-2010, 21:13
Toughness 7 elves is not madness, Mal, It's wrong! wrong, I tell you! (I play proper elves and haven't access to lore of life....)

Positive experiences with the new edition is good news :)

Zso Sahaal
17-07-2010, 09:03
elves.. toughness 7?? what is this, HE are meant to be those poncy fellows that every other player hates on principle! :p

17-07-2010, 15:46
I really, really like that one of everything dwarf list. I hope more people take on that mentality.

23-07-2010, 23:09
glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for sharing your experience! Played my first one today, rep on the way and I agree, was a lot of fun! :D