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12-07-2010, 06:26
I finally got to play 8th edition today! After months of speculation, rumors and anticipation I picked up my copy of the new book yesterday from my FLGS, did some reading last night and today took my Warriors of Chaos back to the store for a game. I had to wait a bit as the only other Fantasy players were playing each other first, so I watched their game a bit and chatted with other guys about Warhammer Ancients (which I'd love to get into if I had some extra cash). Once the Fantasy game was done, they rolled off to see who would face me and I found myself confronted by a High Elf force.

I've been iterating for weeks on 8th edition Chaos lists, and since I've always liked Tzeentch I decided to be fairly fluffy. I can't quite call it a theme list though, since I didn't mark the Sorcerer Lord. I wanted to try out the new spell lores! Here are the lists:

Warriors of Chaos Army

Lords 17.3%
Sorcerer Lord, Level 4 (Shadows), Blood of Tzeentch, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Conjoined Homunculus had Mystifying Miasma, The Withering, Pit of Shades, Okkam's Mindrazor

Heroes 9.8%
Exalted Hero, Tzeentch, BSB, Talisman of Preservation, Warrior Bane, shield, Stream of Corruption

Core 49%
50 Marauders, Tzeentch, great weapons, full command (in horde formation)
23 Chaos Warriors, Tzeentch, shields, full command, Standard of Discipline (both characters join to make it 5x5)
18 Chaos Warriors, Tzeentch, halberds, shields, musician, standard, Banner of Rage

Special 14.7%
6 Chaos Knights, Tzeentch, musician, standard, Blasted Standard

Rare 9.1%

High Elf Army (unfortunately a bit vague, sorry)

Archmage, Level 4 (High Magic), Guardian Phoenix, Ring of Fury, maybe more? - had Curse of Arrow Attraction, Courage of Aenarion, Fury of Khaine, Flames of the Phoenix

Mage, Level 2 (Fire), not sure what items had Flaming Sword of Rhuin, Fulminating Flame Cage
Noble, BSB, dragon armor, barded steed, shield, defensive magic items
Noble, dragon armor, great weapon (could have been the White Sword?)

30 Lothern Sea Guard, shields, full command (Archmage joins this unit; started the game 10-wide)
10 Archers
10 Archers

20ish Phoenix Guard, full command, Razor Standard (Noble on foot joins this unit)
25ish White Lions, full command (BSB joins this unit)
Lion Chariot

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
Great Eagle

We rolled up the Dawn Attack scenario, with the Elves deploying first. Instead of trying to describe the deployment, here's a picture. I won't do pics for this whole report though, sorry. We didn't do any wacky magical terrain for this game. In this scenario, the defender (i.e. the player who deployed first) gets first turn on a 1-5, and the attacker gets it on a 6. Well, I rolled a 6 and got the first turn!

Turn 1
I surged forward with everything but the Hellcannon. Magic was a bust with only 3 dice, and in shooting the Hellcannon's shot scattered harmlessly.

On his turn nothing moved but the Eagle coming to attempt marchblocking. He succesfully cast Fulminating Flame Cage on the Marauders, then continued to pour arrows into them, killing a bunch and forcing a Panic test, which I passed. A single bolt killed 4 Warriors.

Turn 2
Warriors and Knights all moved forward, with the halberd Warriors marching despite the Eagle. Marauders stayed put to avoid taking 30+ S4 hits. My Sorcerer Lord miscast a powered-up Pit of Shades (with three sixes rolled out of four dice!), and worse yet it scattered and killed nothing! The miscast S10 small template wounded my Lord and killed some Warriors. Ugh. The Hellcannon's shot again scattered, but did kill a couple Phoenix Guard this time. They passed the Panic test, though.

The White Lions moved up to threaten my Warriors' front, and the Lion Chariot swung around the side to threaten the flank. The Phoenix Guard moved up slightly. He got Curse of Arrow Attraction on my Marauders, and Flaming Sword on his Seaguard. His shooting absolutely ravaged my Marauders, causing another Panic check, which they failed this time despite the re-roll.

Turn 3
Charge time! My Hellcannon was only 12 from the Lion Chariot, so I declared a charge there. He agonized over the decision, but eventually opted to flee and the Hellcannon couldn't keep up. I then charged the shield Warriors at the White Lions, the Knights into the flank of the Phoenix Guard, and the halberd Warriors failed (by 1) their charge at the closer Archer unit. I love the new longer charge ranges for infantry! Oh, and my Marauders rallied.

My magic actually did something this time, getting off a powered-up Mystifying Miasma on the White Lions. I only rolled 1 on the D3, but that was still huge, dropping them to WS4 I4 so they didn't get to re-roll attacks, and I got to hit them on 3s. He dispelled The Withering, and I failed to cast Mindrazor. No shooting since the Hellcannon moved.

In combat, the White Lions killed a couple Warriors, but lost several of their own in return. The Miasma was a gigantic factor in that combat. The Lions weren't Steadfast, they lost by a bunch, broke and were run down. The Phoenix Guard couldn't kill any Knights, and lost a few of their number to the return attacks. They were Steadfast though and held, executing a combat reform to face the Knights and get the hero into the combat. That left the Knights' flank open to a charge from the Seaguard.

Charging in the Seaguard went! He rolled poorly for the Winds of Magic, and I was able to stop it all this turn. His Archers couldn't get much past the armor of the halberd Warriors. The RBTs shot at the shield Warriors, but didn't do too much damage this time. In combat, the Elf hero killed one Knight, but the Phoenix Guard and Seaguard attacks just bounced off the Chaos Armor. The Knights' attacks back were pretty successful, including putting two wounds on the Archmage, and they ended up winning the combat. Both Elf units were Steadfast though, and held.

Turn 4
My shield Warriors had a charge at the flank of the Seaguard, and made it. The halberd Warriors easily charged into the Archers, shrugging off the stand-and-shoot. I only had enough power dice for one spell, but my Lord managed to get The Withering off on the Seaguard, dropping them down to T1. The Hellcannon's shot, targeted at an RBT, again scattered uselessly.

In combat, the Elf hero and Phoenix Guard killed 3 Knights, leaving only the musician and banner. The Tzeentch BSB killed the Seaguard champion in a challenge, and the rest of the Warrior attacks killed some rank and file Seaguard. Amazingly, it ended up as a drawn combat, and we both had musicians. In the other combat, the frenzied Warriors predictably annihilated the Archers, and overran into the Archers behind them.

On his turn, he didn't have a lot to do. In magic, he got off Courage of Aenarion, which would affect both the Phoenix Guard and the Seaguard. His RBTs took potshots at the poor Marauders, taking them down to just 6 models remaining of the original 50. That caused another Panic test, which the Marauders promptly failed, and failed the re-roll. That's what you get for coming naked to a battle.

In combat, I challenged with my Warrior unit champ and he accepted with the Archmage, but they didn't do anything to each other. All of his attacks bounced off my Chaos Armor. The Knights did a little damage, but the real killer was my BSB using his Stream of Corruption in combat. It's only S3, but the Seaguard were still T1 from The Withering, and it killed a ton of them. All told I caused 12 wounds in that combat. The Phoenix Guard held, but the Seaguard failed their stubborn break test and were run down by the shield Warriors.

At this point my opponent conceded the game. He was down to his RBTs, the Eagle and a few Phoenix Guard (well, and some Archers who were surely doomed in that very combat phase).

Post-game thoughts

I was disheartened early in the game, with my Marauders acting like the world's largest pincushion. I suppose that's something I'll have to get used to if I run that unit... it's huge, kinda scary, and has almost no protection. I would normally have taken Khorne, but I was going for a Tzeentch theme. Likewise, Nurgle would probably be a better mark for the halberd Warriors, but the theme made me mark them Tzeentch. Still, they did well and I can't complain too much. The magic was fun, though very unpredictable. I'll have to play more games with it to see if I still like it, but for now I'm satisfied. The Lore of Shadows is fantastic, swinging two combats hugely in my favor. It has huge synergy with Chaos Warriors, reducing the enemy's stats so that the already-superior Warriors can dominate. I didn't do too well with the Pit of Shades, but such is the nature of scattering templates.

As far as my opinions of 8th in general? So far, I love it! The movement is much more fluid, infantry can get across the board much faster, and being able to ignore marchblocking is a godsend. I absolutely love the new charging rules, and how they have simultaneously added some excitement to charging, ended the Mexican Standoffs, prevents fiddly just-out-of-range charges AND gets rid of clipping all in one fell swoop! Kudos GW, you've taken a risk and it's paid off big time. I liked the deadly combats, so it's only fair that the shooting is deadlier too. Also, even though I'm a good shot with guess weapons, it sure made the shooting phase go faster to just slap the template down and roll the dice.

Thanks for reading!

12-07-2010, 08:52
Nice rep!
Yeah Khorne or Slaanesh would have been way better for your Marauders but still gotta love themed stuff lol.
One thing though....White Lions are still Stubborn.....or did I just read the rep wrong

12-07-2010, 08:59
Thanks! I don't recall precisely the dice rolls in question -- mostly just the White Lions turning tail -- but a good reminder!

12-07-2010, 13:50
Yep, white lions stubborn, but sounds to me like he chose the wrong lore for his archmage! Life or shadow would have done great. Good write up!

12-07-2010, 14:33
Life is indeed the way to go on your Archmage! Played a few games with one and it's buffing ability is excellent. I like metal on my mage as back up. I find the nukes and hexes in it to be excellent, especially the one that permanently reduces a units armor saves by 1 for the entire game, not remains in play :p

13-07-2010, 00:23
Great report, mate :-)

I like the Shadow Lore, and use a Lvl2 with it in my otherwise mono-Tzeentch army. Like you say, it works really well together with our now even nastier Warriors and Marauders smashing people's heads in!

I've yet to test my HE out in 8th, but will make sure that I take notice of this report. Seeing as use a pretty similar list to your opponent (swap White Lions for 2 units of 7 Dragon Princes), I am inclined to go for Life or Heavens on my Archmage.

13-07-2010, 09:44
@GenerationTerrorist How do you get shadow magic on a lvl 2? Isn't it limited to lord level sorcerers in WOC?

Chaos Undecided
13-07-2010, 18:17
Thanks for the interesting report.

I think according to the new rules "Make Way" allows a character to immediately move into a fighting rank of a combat before it starts rather than having to wait a turn like the previous edition.

13-07-2010, 20:06
nice rep. Quite the hiding for the pointy ears :)

14-07-2010, 11:36
@GenerationTerrorist How do you get shadow magic on a lvl 2? Isn't it limited to lord level sorcerers in WOC?

Shadow, Death, and Fire are all usable by basic sorcerers. Sorcerer Lords get access to the Lore of Heavens.

14-07-2010, 14:09
First time seeing the great weapon marauders in a report. They were a bit disappointing, but it's understandable that the opponent would be focusing on them so much.

Had they not failed that (rerolled) panic test I'm sure they would have put some real hurt into the elves :)

Thanks for the report.

14-07-2010, 14:50
Shadow, Death, and Fire are all usable by basic sorcerers. Sorcerer Lords get access to the Lore of Heavens.

Actually, unmarked hero-level Sorcerers can only take Death or Fire. Sorcerer Lords also have the option of taking Shadows or Heavens.

You can use the Book of Secrets to get a Shadow spell, though.

15-07-2010, 05:50
Nice report mate. Even with bsb re-rolls Tzeentch marauders will panic and Khorne marauders can get cut down to size. Slaanesh and Nurgle aren't dead as marks yet, and its nice to see the evidence :).

15-07-2010, 07:42
You can use the Book of Secrets to get a Shadow spell, though.

Ahh! That's what I was thinking, my apologies. :)