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12-07-2010, 11:11
My list (pretty much as I planned in the armylist section)

Slann, Focus Rumination, BSB, Dispel scroll, Lore of life
Slann, Focus Rumination, Lore of death

Skink priest lv1, Lore of heaven

21 Saurus, spears, Full com
21 Saurus, spears, Full com
16 skinks / krox,, Full com
10 skink skirmsiher, brave
10 skink skirmsiher, brave
10 skink skirmsiher, brave

3 Krox
17 Temple guard, full command, Huanchi banner
5 Chameleon skinks
5 Chameleon skinks


I loved rolling for spells on 3 lores!

After arriving at the tournament 40min late, my first opponent was WOC

He had:

Caster lord with lore of shadow

Lv2 caster with lore of...something (he might never have cast anything)
Trogg the trollking

18 Chaos warriors (I think) MOK, Halberds
18 Chaos warriors, MOT, HW/S
35 Marauders with GW, MOK
5 hounds

7 trolls

This game basically ended on turn 3 so I will keep the report brief.

The mission had randome deployment, we rolled for each unit, a roll of 1 mean they deploy on the left (maximum 18" from the table edge, 12" deep)
Roll of 2 meant they deploy on the right, 3-5 middle deployment and 6 = players choice.

Chaos deployment

Left side = Hounds, MOK Warriors
Middle = MOT warriors, Marrauders
Right = Throgg and trolls

Hellcannon in the middle of the mid zone, near the table edge.

Lizard deployment.
Left: Krox, skinks
Mid: Saurus, Templeguard skinks, salamander
Right: Skrox, saurus, skinks

My army was mostly deployed to the right, just harassment units on the left, accross from his 2 units of warriors and hounds. My cham skinks deployed to the left to harass his khorne marauders and another unit to the right to fire on the trolls.

Ok, so a lot less detail in this report.

I get turn 1 and move up my harassing skinks, skrox, krox, salamanders etc, main blocks stay put, move up a few inches to get range on my casters.

I roll 11-12 dice! (might have been 11 then channeled 1) I get dwellers below on the marauders and kill something like 15, purple sun is dispelled or scrolled.

Turn 1 for WOC sees them all move up maximum amount. Khorne warriors split to the left so my krox don't come in and flank them, tzeenth warriors move directly up, quite far from my main force. Opponent rolls 3 PD, not much happens there. Hellcannon fires on the templeguard, it hits but misfires at the same times, misfire result is that the template is S10 all round but cannot fire for the rest of the game. My entire unit is hit with S10 hits! I lost 9 TG!

Lizard turn 2, I get 9 PD and channel another. I roll a LOT of spells on 1 dice each but don't do anything spectacular, I do get throne of vines on so my slann doesn't really fear a miscast, in the end I run out of spells before dice so I roll my remaining 4 dice to resurrect the temple guard that died the turn before, I get 6 back so the unit is back to 14.

I roll a miscast! oh noes, why didn't I just roll 2 dice! well fear not I have a 2+ to ignore it.....can you guess? I roll a 1, miscast result 4, which the WOC uses puppet on to change to 2, I kill 9 templeguard and the slann dies!

WOC turn 2, again he moves up with pretty much everything, charges a unit of my saurus with the troll super unit, for some silly reason I hold and the unit is wiped out without a loss to the trolls, throggs breath really does a lot! vomit or whatever it is called.

They over run near my death slann. He rolled 4-5 for magic dice so did little, tried to cast pit of shades, but I dispelled it.

Lizardmen turn 3, my slann walks to the flank of the trolls, not a bad place for a purple sun I think, trolls are init1 and throgg is init 2. I go all out with 5-6 dice and manage to cast it, opponent had less DD so failed to dispel.

Now, all I need is a small move for the unit, I am literally 1" away so I don't even need to roll high..... I roll......a misfire! DAN DAN DAAAAA, the template sits on the slanns head, only scatters 1-2" and the slann is hit (enemy is not)
I fail my init test and the slann is dead!

Ok, so I have now killed most of my templeguard unit and 2 slanns....

I no longer have anything that can stand up to....well any of his 3 large blocks. I spend the rest of the game trying to blowpipe his khorne warriors but there really isn't much to be done since I killed about 1000pts of my own army.

Solid win to WOC... Well, that is one way to start the tournament.
I thought I had a decent chance, with such good spells available to me, I had basically everthing I wanted from both lores. alas it was not to be.

12-07-2010, 13:33
Game 2 vs dwarves

Dwarf lord
BSB hero
Thane rune of spellbreaking
Thane rune of spellbreaking

30 warriors with GWs
30 warriors with GWs
18 Hammerers

Stone thrower
Stone thrower
Organ gun
Organ gun

Mission, table is divided into 2 by the opposite long ends (diagonally) so each has a triangle consisting of half the board to deploy in. Each unit rolls a d6 and any 1s mean the unit goes in reserve, I lose nothing to reserve, dwarf loses a grudge thrower.

The dwarf plays extremely defensively and castles in the right corner.

Deployment dwarves:
grudge thrower, cannon, stone, stone, cannon, all pretty much touching the board edge.
To their right, touching the corner of the table he has his hammerer unit with all 4! heroes.

the 2 dwarven warrior units go in front and just to the left of his hammerers, basically his whole army is as far from me as possible.

I depoy
Skinks, skrox, krox, skinks, sally, saurus, TG, sally, saurus, skinks.
My deployment utilises most of my deployment area, you could not come within 6" of the deviding line in the center so I was quite far away.

My cham skinks deployed behind a wall 13" from the war machines.

I again get decent spells with dwellers below and purple sun.

Dwarves turn 1. My death slann is deployed with a unit of 10 skinks (as I don't think he can kill it). His army does not move apart from the grudge thrower coming onto the table.

the 2 stone throwers try to shoot the skink slann unit, first one misses, 2nd one hits and kills 7, with no los left the 2 cannons fire on the slann, the first cannons hit is warded by my shield of the old ones however the next one is not and I take a whopping 4! wounds.

Lizard turn 1. I move my slann into a saurus spear unit, everything moves up asap.
Cham skinks both fire on an organ gun killing it, causing panic tests on 3-4 other machines but no one runes.

In my magic phase I am quite far away so do little more than heal my death slann back to full health. The dwarf has +2 to dispell, +2 DD from thanes, steals 1 of my PD and turns it into a DD and at least 2 if not more scroll type runes so magic is going to be tough.

Dwarf turn 2.

The remaining organ gun fires on my unit of cham skinks destroying it and panicking the other cham skinks who run back behind the safety of the wall.

Stone throwers fire on my saurus warriors killing a fair few, cannons aim for my kroxigors killing 1.

Lizard turn 2.
My salamanders are in range and start flaming, 15 hits from 1! killing about 5 dwarves, opponent is not happy with their new ability to march and fire!

Other salamander eats some skinks...tastey.

Rest of my army moves up again but with the incredible starting distance I am not close yet with anything but the skrox and krox unit which are moving in.

My magic phase sees me heal some saurus, that dwarven machine line is not doing that great since I have a healing spell.

Cham skinks rally.

Dwarves turn 3, not liking my salamanders he turns his cannons on them, manages to kill 1 this turn.

His super hero bunker unit of hammerers decides its time to do something rather than sit in the corner so they move out, warriors in front of them on either side.

Lizard turn 3.
I am finally getting into spell range :)
I cast a purple sun (from about 20" away) but the opponent doesn't like it and scrolls it.
With the opponent having more DD than I have PD in most of my magic phases I can do little else.

my chameleon skinks move in to fire on the organ gun and kill 2 of the crew. My army is getting to be in charge range now.

Salamander fires on an 30 strong warrior block and gets another 15 hits, killing 5 or so warriors.

Dwarves turn 4.
His dwarven unit on the far right flank declares a charge against my saurus warriors but their short feet don't carry them the necessary 11", falling just short by 1-2".

His hammerer unit also declares a charge on my TG unit but is also short.
His stone throwers and cannons continue to fire on my units but fail to find good targets, my 2nd salamander is however killed by a cannon. (can't really stop this from happening, need more cham skinks maybe)

Lizardmen turn 4.
Finally time for some action.

On the right my saurus face off against a 30 strong dwarven warrior block which seems a tad scary for me so I move back 2" to stay out of their charge range, while my death slann throws another scrolled purple sun at them.... really can't get any magic through.

Towards the center my TG now has the hammerer unit with 4 dwarven heroes about 5" in front of them, the 25 strong warrior unit is another 6" behind the hammerers, or 11" from me.

I decide the hammerer unit is a tad tough to take on and decide it would be more fun to just run past the unit into the warriors. Needing a 7 to make the charge I decide to use my huanchi banner, I know get 3d6 charge range. Piece of cake.... 1,2,3 I am short 1"!

so my temple guard move 2" forward.

A unit of skinks charges 1 machine, dealing 2 dead dwarves for 1 dead skink, the machine holds with its last crew member.

My unit of 2 krox charge another machine, this one goes down and the krox run off the table.

Dwarves turn 5, the dwarves on the right decide not to advance on my saurus warrior block with death slann and move back instead, effectively ending their involvement in the game as I am not going to charge 20 saurus into 30 GW warriors!

The hammerer unit is not so close to my slann TG unit that he has no real choice but to charge them.

I strike first and kill most of his unit due to a -1S -1T hex I had on the unit and the 5+ regen my slanns own unit had. They hold, I lose a few TG in return, most of his heroes fluffed their attacks and the thanes were in the 2nd row so had only 1 attack each.

My skinks finnish off their war machine.

Lizard turn 5.
MY krox come back onto the table and the skinks move up to blowpipe another war machine, killing 2 crew.

I do not manage to cast anything worth mentioning, the dwarven player lets some minor spells through like regen and heal on the TG (back to full strength)

Dwarves turn 6. My krox which came onto the board are in a bad spot, facing down the barrel of a cannon, the opponent chooses not to grapeshot as the normal shot may just kill both krox... the cannon fires....well over my krox and kills a skink instead!

The TG manage to do nothing against the unit of pure heroes, a unit of dwarven warriors joins the combat just clipping the corner ( adding a whole 2 GW attacks), I lose combat as I fluff my attacks and lose a few TG but hold with my stubborn ld8 (9 really but I didn't know)

Final turn, I manage to take down another war machine but that is all.
Felt like I had a long way to go to make it to those war machines and his 3 blocks but since I had a healing slann it really wasn't so bad!

In the end I killed a hammerer unit, 4 warmachines, his bsb took one wound but was still alive and the other 3 heroes where on full wounds.

My opponent killed a few units of skinks, a skrox unit (died to 1 stone thrower hit) and 2 salamanders.

12/8 victory for me.

Really could not cast anything! in that game despite the fact that I had 2 slanns and a priest! 700pts spent in magic could not get through the opponents 250-300pts of magical defence? (2 thanes with runes of spellbreaking and the item that lets him steal a PD and convert it to a DD)

The power scroll might have been handy to cast a dwellors below on his 4 character deathstar unit.

12-07-2010, 18:25
Game 3 to follow shortly.

12-07-2010, 19:58
Dwarfs really are great as shutting down magic, but I was amazed to see them shut down two rumination slann!

Keep the reports coming :)

12-07-2010, 20:21
More reports!

12-07-2010, 21:01
Probably too tired to write the report but I will post the 3rd games army so you can have fun speculating...

Arch lector on that super chariot of theirs (the 2+ ward vs magic one)
lv4 mage with shadow
lv2 mage with something (not sure if it ever cast) Leech scroll
BSB bearer

35 strong halberd unit
35 strong halberd unit
10 strong detachment of crossbow men
10 strong detachment of crossbow men


Steam tank
Steam tank

Ok so this will be interesting 2! T10 W10 1+ save models.... great. Basically I need S9 hits to do a whole lot of anything...luckily my army has.....0 such weapons... Also they are immune to 99% of all spells and the ones that do work wound on 6s so...

Opponent deploys his steam tanks as far forward as possible with the arch lector on war alter (finally remembered what it's called) in between, they are flanked by his halberd units. (the idea is of course to ignore my steadfast by combo charging with tank and halberds)

behind them he deploys his 2 units of crossbows, a mage goes into each, bsb goes into left halberd block.

War machines are deployed far back near his table edge, a cannon on each flank and mortar next to the left cannon with engineer sitting in between the 2 machines so he can choose each turn which to help (clever)

I deploy my main blocks to the right, the idea is I don't want to face both tanks the same turn.

From left to right
Skinks, krox, salamander (left flank)
Skinks salamander (mid)
saurus, Templeguard, saurus, skrox, skinks (right)

My units of cham skinks deploy up towards his right most cannon. both units.

Opponent wins first turn.

Steam tanks, halberds and arch lector all move up, as do the crossbow men.

Tanks always take the max amount of steam without having to roll all through the game.

His mages, deployed behind his looooong units of halberds find themselves out of range and do very little. (nothing)

Mortar kills half a unit of skinks, cannons fire on salamanders but I lose no more than a skink handler.

Lizards turn 1.
On the left my krox, skinks, salamanders move up, salamanders fire on the halberd unit hitting A LOT, a fair few die, maybe 7-8 (not that it matters) they are within bsb range so hold after a re-roll.

On the right my units stay back, I don't want to get into charge range of his tanks, they move back a few inches so opponent would need to roll for extra steam to hit them.

Skinks move up to poison tanks. Skrox on the right move up to get flanking position on the tank. (I rather lose skinks than saurus to the grind attacks)

My cham skinks move up with both units towards the cannon and take it out (love these guys!)

Magic phase, empire player has the lector for +2DD and something else for +1 I believe so basically has 7-8 DD in every phase... tough. I roll weakly for PD and don't get much done.

Skinks fail to cause even 1 wound onto a tank with their 20 shots (not surprising)

Empire turn 2.
Tanks move up, within charge range next turn, nothing I can do about that. Halberds follow suit but as my army is deployed so far to the right, the 2 halberd units and 1 tank is a fair bit behind, lector also.

His mages attempt a few spells, a pit on my TG unit I believe which I scroll.

Not much else in the magic phase.

Mortar fires on my unit of saurus but after saves I don't lose too many. (I was worried he would target my skrox, the whole unit would die!)

Lizard turn 2. Well, this is for the game I guess, tanks are on me.

On the left flank I have 3 possible units that can charge his unit of crossbows and mage, his mage is on the flank of the unit so I can actually get into btb with it.

My choices are the 3 krox unit, needing 7 to make contact, my salamander unit, needing a 6, or my skinks which need a 5.

I think if I charge with the krox he will flee so I opt to go in with my salamander (skinks will follow if he flees to try and destroy the unit) He holds so my salamander is in btb with his mage. (I didn't even know salamanders charge 3d6-lowest at that point which is an awesome buff, that and the skinks not being target able!)

My krox move up to look at the flank of the halberd unit... nice

On the right I decide I should do the charging on the steam tank towards the right (closest one), I declare a flank charge with my skrox, a frontal charge with my saurus, and I declare a charge with a skink unit into the arch lector (so they get out of the way of the saurus charge), another skink unit charges his halberd unit on the right (they where in the way of the skrox.

My saurus fail (think they needed a 5-6), the skinks also fail to reach the arch lector 15" away (they didn't really want to make it anyway)

In the magic phase I manage to syphon a few DD away with some buff spells and then cast dwellors below on this mage lord unit, the mage dies! along with 6 of his crossbows. He had no scroll, just the leech scroll (the one that does wounds on a 5+) as my slann has a 4+ ward it doesn't really care, might have taken 1 wound.

On to combat, on the left my salamander does a wound to the mage and the 2 skinks do another, both his mages dead!

On the right I mess up, I fight the skinks vs halberds unit combat first, lose and the halberds overrun into my skrox (well that was stupid) the halberds kick my t2 skinks ass, I lose that unit also and the tank is free to do what it likes the following turn. (screwed that up.

Actually what I should have done is just charge the skinks into the tank, it would have held it up for 1 turn, which is all the skrox would have done anyway, not sure why I thought the skrox would be better in combat vs the T10 tank! This was my biggest mistake in the game imo.

My 2 cham skink units go to fire on his other cannon but only manage to kill 1 of the crew with 20 shots...

Empire turn 3.
No magic for him anymore wohoo.

His other units move up while his tank on the right charges into my saurus unit. (the rest can charge the following turn)

I lose 9 saurus but hold with steadfast as I have 1 rank.

His cannon grapeshots a unit of skinks, he thought it works like an organ gun and autohits, luckily they actually hit cham skinks at long range on a 6+, I lose 2 skinks.

He had a 3rd detachment of 10 crossbows (I forgot to mention earlier) they fire on the cham skinks also, with no skirmishers are -1 to hit they hit on 5+, I lose a few more skinks.

Lizards turn 3.
I heal back some of the dead saurus, There isn't really a whole lot I can do with my magic anymore since the only targets are 2 tanks that are immune to all my spells and 2 halberd units.

I finish off the remaining crossbow men in CC with my salamander.

My krox rear charge the halberds on the left (nice!) but I fluff all my attacks and kill only 2, I have rear, charge and 2 kills 5, opponent has 3 ranks, flag, and they managed 1 wound, I lose by musician, fail my ld6 test by rolling a 7 and run (3") opponent decides not to chase, wanting to go after my Temple guard instead.

On the right my saurus unsurprisingly do 0 wounds to the tank.

Empire turn 4.
Combo charge time, his tank, arch lector and unit of halberds charges my templeguard. his halberds on the right charge my saurus.

At this point the game is pretty much over, I have 0 chance of killing the tanks.

I charge my remaining unit of saurus into one of the tanks and we grind away for the following turns until the game ends, my magic has no real targets so...

I end up cleaning up the back of the field with my krox who rally and my cham skinks and salamander (until it is sniped by a cannon)

The empire player on the other hand grinds away at my saurus, templeguard and the other unit of saurus.

I kill the right most halberd unit but my slann cannot heal my losses fast enough.

The game ends with my templeguard and life slann dead, other 2 saurus units still alive.

I made another mistake at the end by having my death slann (for no reason whatsoever) standing behind my tempeguard unit, when it broke the lector charged in and on the very last turn (my equalising one) the slann takes the last wound.

Opponent has 2 steam tanks (6 wounds on 1, 9 on the other) arch lector on alter on full wounds. A mortar, a engineer and a unit of halberds.

I have 2 units of saurus, cham skink unit, skink unit, krox unit, priest.

Opponent wins 12/8.

If I hadn't been stupid with my death slann I would have won 11/9 I think but basically I had no chance against the tank with no S9-10 heroes and life and death as lores.

If I had had the right spells +4 toughness I could have done ok against them but I rolled poorly, I had to choose either the toughness spell or resurrection. I went with resurrection.

Tanks are tough. Lore of beasts might help with a scarvet.

Will have to include a scar vet with potion of strength in my next list just in case, after a tank takes 3-4 wounds its not all that, it will never die but at least it won't kill my army.

13-07-2010, 09:23
Last report done... I pretty much came last (almost) worse tournament result so far...

Still had I done killed both my slann and templeguard in turn 1, I could have done much better (hardly shocking) game 1.

Game 2 I should have been more aggressive with the templeguard unit (as with almost all my games, nothing new)

Game 3, actually went ok, I rolled poorly for spells, could have still won if I didn't really mess up twice. Still hadn't met the new steam tanks before so it was a learning experience.

Brother Drakist
13-07-2010, 14:47
I know it was tournament but 2 stanks? Pretty lame.

13-07-2010, 16:43
Well from a gaming and rules perspective it's a tad harsh, my army couldn't actually kill even 1 of them.

From a fluff perspective I guess 2 steam tanks in a battle is about as common as 2 slanns :)
Again from a gaming perspective, 2 slanns with 8 spells from 2 lores isn't necessarily all that much better than 1 with 7 spells, a guarantee of every spell in the lore and a -300pts price tag.

13-07-2010, 18:56
I know it was tournament but 2 stanks? Pretty lame.

If it's the kind of tournament where people take 2 rumination Slaan, then 2 stanks and walter is just fine. :P

14-07-2010, 23:22
2 stanks, walter, 2 cannon and a mortar. I still think that's pretty lame. ><

15-07-2010, 00:05
Boohoo, at least you didn't have to play against them? ;) There were dragon+twin hydra-delves too, and double slanns were quite shocking at first as well.

Necromancy Black
15-07-2010, 00:25
You report is showing me one thing clearly: There is pretty much zero reason to take 2 Slann at this many army points. You don't really get any more magic out of it and you just sink a whole lot of points.

Don Zeko
15-07-2010, 00:54
Yep. Plus you have to take different lores on the two slann, so only one of them gets Throne of Vines. I'm thinking that a Rumination Slann won't want any more back-up magic than a priest on an engine, and maybe not even that.

Volker the Mad Fiddler
15-07-2010, 03:48
Yep. Plus you have to take different lores on the two slann, so only one of them gets Throne of Vines. I'm thinking that a Rumination Slann won't want any more back-up magic than a priest on an engine, and maybe not even that.

Why do you have to take different lores? If you take the know whole lore ability he doesn't count for spells known and the second slann can take the same lore. A bit redundant, but you can take the same lore if you want.

Necromancy Black
15-07-2010, 05:47
Why do you have to take different lores? If you take the know whole lore ability he doesn't count for spells known and the second slann can take the same lore. A bit redundant, but you can take the same lore if you want.

But then your adding an extra 100pts into Lords which you may not be able to afford.

15-07-2010, 07:05
My main reason for 2 slanns was because I could. Seemed fun to me.
That said I knew I won't necessarily get any more magic out of them than I would with 1 slann.

1 Slann takes focus of mystery so it has 7 spells, 2 slanns pay an extra 275pts to get 4+4 spells, 1! extra spell and access to 2 lores.

Actually in the last match I probably lost because I didn't have the +2 toughness spell, I had to choose between the resurection spell or regen/additional toughness.

With all 3 the tanks would have done very little! So I probably lost the last game because of this lack of spells. Life does have good spells after all.

Still, at times it may help to have 2 lores.
Also if you lose your slann you lose most of your offensive power, having 2 gives you a backup. Still, 275pts for that is a high price indeed.

Once the games get a bit bigger, closer to 3k the 2 slanns starts to be a very decent build, at this level not so much, 1 of them was completely naked and the other had a scroll, I could not even fit in an arcane item on each lore, also they could not take more than 1 discipline.

Still after the run in with steam tanks I Wouldn't mind the lore of beasts, it's the only lore that seems to have an effect on them, hunters spear and the +3S/A spells will do nicely against them.

Slann/skink is of course the economic build. Heck you can take 3 scar vets for the price of the 2nd slann.

Btw, next tournament is in 2 weeks, will be at a slightly lower points value to dis-allow 2 steam tank builds (effectively also denying duel slann)

Most likely 2200pts I reckon. (so 2 naked slanns is allowed hehe, prob leave the other one at home though)

Necromancy Black
15-07-2010, 12:26
I definitely agree that at around 3000 points the double Slann feature will definitely be something to consider, but below that I think spending the points else where still makes more sense.

15-07-2010, 19:39
They just FAQed the Steam Tank, so next time you take them on, your two slanns should do better.