View Full Version : Line of Sight / Front Arc

12-07-2010, 13:59
So while looking through the spells, we can see that hex spells require line of sight, but do not require their targets to be in the front arc of the caster.

A model is said to have Line of Sight to something if a line can be traced from its eyes to the target. In 40k, this works because models are not moved in formation and can be faced however you want - in fact, the rulebook plainly states that the facing of a model does not matter. In Fantasy, facing does matter.

So, two questions.

First, how literally is this to be taken in Fantasy? Technically some of my models would not even be able to see everything in their front arc due to their helmets, and some models don't even necessarily HAVE eyes (such as Chaos Spawn.)

Second, what are some situations where a unit will have line of sight to a target that is not in its front arc?