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12-07-2010, 16:39
This game happened a week or two ago before the FAQs came out and it was my and a friend testing out our 'Ard Boyz list 3k a side. We didn't test a mission just decided on a pitched battle no special terrain. These are the lists:

Dreadlord w/ halberd, armor of darkness and dawnstone
Supreme Sorceror w/ lvl 4, pendant of khaleth, screaming blade and dispel scroll

Death Hag w/ cauldron of blood
Death Hag w/ battle standard, standard of hag graef, dance of doom and cry of war
Sorceress w/ lvl 2, tome of furion and terrifying mask of eee!

Crossbowmen x12 w/ shields and musician
Crossbowmen x12 w/ shields and musician
Corsairs x20 w/ pair of handbows and musician
Corsairs x20 w/ full command
Corsairs x18 w/ full command and sea serpent standard

Witch Elves x12 w/ hag, cry of war and musician
Excutioners x12 w/ master and musician
Shades x7
Shades x6

Repeater Bolt Thrower x4

Level 4: Shadow - Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma, The Enfeebling Foe, The Withering and Pit of Shades
Level 2: Death - Aspect of the Dreadknight, The Caress of Laniph and The Purple Sun of Xereus

Orcs and Goblins:

Goblin Shaman w/ lvl 1 and dispel scroll
Goblin Shaman w/ lvl 1 and sneaky staff of stealing
Black Orc Warboss
Black Orc Warboss w/ battle standard
Savage Orc Warboss on Boar
Night Goblin Boss on Giant Squig

Orcs x30 w/ full command and extra hand weapon
Orcs x30 w/ full command and hand weapon/shield
Black Orcs x15 w/ full command
Black Orcs x15 w/ full command
Night Goblins x55 w/ spears full command and fanatics x3
Night Goblins x55 w/ hand weapon/shield full command and fanatics x3
Goblin Wolf Riders x10
Goblin Spider Riders x10
Boar boys x5
Stone Throwers x2

Turn: 1 -2
The Orc And Goblin army advanced straight into a wall of crossbows, I have to admit that the only moving I did first turn was to get my units into better firing positions and my combat units moved slightly so that if an enemy tried to charge they would hit into them first.

With much luck I knocked out one of the stone throwers before it even got a shot off due to the bolt throwers. I even forgot to move my shades that were skirting his deployment though they did manage to harass a unit of black orcs for awhile with their shooting.

Handbow corsairs moved up slightly to gain range to goblin wolf riders which with almost 80 shots they removed them all from the table.

Turn: 3-4
Night Goblins sent out fanatics which did a good amount of damage to executioners and corsairs on both flanks. A unit of night goblins felt brave enough to charge my frenzied corsairs on a hill I caused nine casualties to his 2 (i have to admit rolling four out of six saves helped me). Despite being stubborn and a re-roll from a nearby battle standard he broke and was run down (thank you slavers rule).

In doing so the frenzied corsairs managed to set up a nice flank charge on my turn versus the battle standard unit. They happily charged the flank and won combat handily sending the orcs packing (killing both unit and battle standard bearers) across their own lines panicking black orks and shaman.

Handbow corsairs managed to obliterate spider rider unit with shooting, when they were charged by the boar boys with attached savage orc warboss their luck was up. Between their shooting reaction and hand to hand they brought the unit down to the standard and hero.

Turn: 5-6
Due to forgetting magic phases or rolling really low on the winds of magic it was only towards the end of the game that I really started getting spells off. Pit of shades claimed 6-8? orcs from the general's unit, I even managed to get off The Withering on the general's unit right before my executioners charged. I didn't think much of it when the spell went off, but then it occurred to me I would need 2+ anyway.. It's a good thing I made that little mistake because when my Death Hag battle standard attacked I removed SIX orcs one for every attack (3 base, xhw, frenzy AND cauldron). Add that to attacking on the flank and though the orcs put up a good fight and killed the few remaining executioners.. the lone Death Hag ran the rest of them to the ground!

At this point the only thing that was doing anything in my opponent's army is the Savage Orc Boss on boar along with champion boar boy going through back line. Even that would of been silenced with no real threats left on the field so we called it a game.

What I lost:
Shades x6
Crossbowmen x12 w/ musician and shields
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Executioners x12 w/ musician and champ
Corsairs x20 w/ double handbows and musician
about 600-700pts

What he had left:
Night Goblins x32/50
Savage Orc Big Boss w/ boar
Boar boy champion
Black Orcs x8?
Orcs w/ shields x 12?/20

My Impressions:


-Firing in two ranks is great! I almost felt bad unloading double handbows into anything by simply walking into range and unleashing 80 shots. My regular crossbowmen got even more effective which is always a plus.

-No partials from templates is pretty devastating, a stone thrower managed to take a good chunk with just a glancing hit on both corsairs and executioners. Had it not destroyed itself it would of cause a HELL of a lot more trouble for me.

- the basic lores just got ten times more attractive than they have ever been, I have always been a fan of the shadow lore but now it just seems like a no brainer with the wide arrange of effects/debuffs it can do.

-Winds of magic does balance things out somewhat, so that no one gets absolutely steam rolled for not packing as many wizards as scroll caddies.

-Striking in initiative just makes my elves better so I guess I am biased, sure the enemy gets the "step up rule" which means unless you wipe out most of the unit you will receive attacks back.. But a smart player never fights fair and always aims for flank/rear attacks.. that could just be a dark elf saying though lol

-Random charges I believe are good, it makes the game more dynamic don't get me wrong I love the speed of my elves outdistancing my opponents and usually getting the charge on my opponents in past editions of warhammer. But I do have to admit it was fun NOT knowing if my enemy will fail his charge or not against my units. It's pretty easy to gauge distances especially after playing wargames for so many years that uncertainty brings a little "something" back.

-Battle Standard Bearers being VERY useful re-rolling just about any leadership test makes them invaluable... at the same time makes them a PRIME target for all enemies

- Frenzy isn't much a liability when you have high leadership and can avoid charging into things (say like a fanatic).

- Stepping up means you better have more models in your unit in order to survive a head to head charge. Because if you don't wipe out or severely damage the enemy you will still receive a healthy amount of attacks going against you.

-Though I haven't tested my fear/terror abilities yet I still stand firm by them, the ability to make an enemy WS 1. They changed the "to hit" charts slightly so that WS 1 models would hit WS 4 models on a 5+ making it less likely to take casualties if fear/terror pull through.

Other than that I eagerly await for my next game, I have always loved playing Warhammer Fantasy the only problem is that it isn't as popular as 40k. Now with an upcoming 'Ard Boyz for Fantasy and the new rulebook coming out it is the best time to get a few games in.

12-07-2010, 17:34
how do you get 80 schots from a 20 man Corsair unit?

In my Armybook you may exchange only one handweapon with a handbow for a total of max 42 shots (maat with double handbow)

Other than that, nice game.

12-07-2010, 17:46
They shot too much but they are still a scary unit.

Also his warboss can't be a BSB (unless that was a typo and it was really a big boss).

Anyway, thanks for the report :)

12-07-2010, 20:34
Thanks for the report :)

-Though I haven't tested my fear/terror abilities yet I still stand firm by them, the ability to make an enemy WS 1. They changed the "to hit" charts slightly so that WS 1 models would hit WS 4 models on a 5+ making it less likely to take casualties if fear/terror pull through.

This was the case in 7th ed.

12-07-2010, 22:20
nice writeup and some nice reflexions.

I'm starting to feel that the cauldron is drifting towards auto-include (haven't gotten any 8th games in yet though)....

13-07-2010, 03:35
@ Moot

You are correct, was my first time trying anything but double hand weapon corsairs and i didn't notice that only the reaver can have double handbows doh! this is quite the mixed blessing as I have more points to mess around with... Thank you though i was starting to feel bad when i rolled that many dice, even if i didn't need to roll all the shots out to eliminate my target.


Yes it was a big boss, I just forgot all the orc ranks lol usually my orks are called nobs/warbosses


I never really noticed the to hit charts till this edition actually lol. I have always just assumed I was hit on 4+ unless I fought something like a blood thirster


Till that game I have never used handbows, a cauldron or lords actually... Not that I questioned their effectiveness rather I would always use all my hero slots and thought lords were too expensive. Thanks to the 25% lords 25% heros I have WAY more characters than i'm used to.. and i love it!

The cauldron is quite impressive now that I have seen it in action! I'm running a themed list (more corsair/raiding fleet) I was thinking of getting a small cthulu statue and making it the cauldron


thank you for the responses i'll post more on here and my blog when I get another game in.

13-07-2010, 21:00
good idea for the cauldron, I just might nick it ;) the current model is a bit klunky for elves I think....

16-07-2010, 16:58
Nice, simple and quick to read report. Congratz on the win!