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12-07-2010, 17:07

I started the hobby again just before 8th edition was released, and WoC was my army of choice. This is the first army I'm building in a long time so I want some input and help with the list :D

I got the battalion box, 1 sorcerer, 1 khorne exalted on foot, 1 Juggernaut.

The list:

Sorcerer Lord:280pts
Lv3, Blood of Tzeentch, Spell familiar(yea I could not afford lv 4)


I could change the juggernaut exalted to an exalted on foot, but I think the juggernaut will be more fun to play with ^^
Exalted Champion:250
Mark of Khorne, Chaos Armour, Shield, Chaos Runesword, Juggernaut of Khorn
Bloodcurdling roar.


Oo, and the marauders are already assembled with hand weapon and shields, and I wanted to run undevided/khorne.
20 Marauders:140
Shield, Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Full Command

The warriors aren't assembled yet, I wanted to make them additional hand weapons, but I also got 10 of the metal halberds, but it's not enough to make the whole unit...
15 Chaos Warriors:300
Mark of Khorne, Additional Hand weapons, Chaos Armour, Full command

5 Chaos Knights:220
Standard bearer, Ensorcelled weapons, Chaos armour, Shield, Barded steed.

10 Warhounds:60

Total: 1250pts

I want to expand the marauders get ogres and chosens when I go up to higher points, as well as add the last exalted.

So what do you guys think, all help is welcome!

12-07-2010, 17:49
Your army is a bit too character heavy for my taste. I would lose the second exalted and spend the points on more warriors or marauders, and upgrade your sorcerer to a lvl 4 (that i think is VERY important).

I would really give the marauder mark of tzeentch, since it will provide them with a 5+ ward safe since they have HW + shields.

Additional hand weapons are not a very good choice for warriors since the second rank only gets to attack once and wont benefit from it. Halberds are the best choice for them. Personally i dont worry much about witch weapons my minis appear to be wearing, i pick the ones that look coolest and excuse myself with having a chaos army.... i have spend an enormous amount of time painting my army and im not going to break the arms of my warriors and replace them with new ones that i have to repaint, just because halberds are better then great weapons in the new edition. Well thats just how i feel.