View Full Version : Help me beat dwarves.warning New WoC player

Lord Baali
12-07-2010, 18:56
Hello everyone I am very new to WHFB but not new to mini games. I have been doing very well in my first ten games then went up against a dwarf army I feel I misdeployed a bit and didn't have the greatest list. And my mounted lord broke and was ran down.....by dwarves. So here were the issues I had. I was gunned down mercelessly my shaggoth took 4 wounds before it even engaged I was shot up by cannons, organ guns and stone throwers. In CC I didn't roll very well and may have charged target I shouldn't have. Well any way her is a somewhat poor attempt to remember his list. And a good summary of my own.

Organ gun
stone thrower
large unit of dwarves with guns
2 units of long beards with thane and guys that grant dispell dice
large unit of slayers
and another unit of guys with great weapons and a lord

I took
lord deamonic mount word of agony MoN ruin sheild and ruin sword
tzeench sorcerer lord conjoined homonculi spell familiar
fire sorcerer with infernal puppet
12 warriors
12 warriors
17 marauders flails MoK
10 marauder horsemen
5 knights MoN
5 knights MoN
khorn hero