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12-07-2010, 21:44
Evening gents.
I'm currently converting a small unit of four Chaos Ogres for my small WOC army, but I'm not sure how to mark or equip them.
Chaos armor and Great weapons seems to be a given, but I'm not sure if I should field them unmarked or with the mark of Nurgle, Khorne or even Slaanesh.

It's mostly a sculpting problem as I plan to give them a look fitting to the god that marked them.

:mad:Not really a fan of Ogres with red armor so I'm not sure about the mark of Khorne, even though it seems awesome in game terms.

:shifty:If I go for Slaanesh I plan to give them scarred and pierced flesh, which I think would look great. Black armor with silver and gold details with a purple tint and pale skin with a blue hue to it. I'm just not sure if the mark would be good for the unit.

:eyebrows:Nurgle should be fun as well, lots of boils but still subtle as I'm not a fan of over the top mutations.
The mark seems to be a popular choice as well.

I've been into Warhammer for many many years but I've never played it so it's mostly about the hobby aspect for me, making the models look great.
But I still want the unit to be good on the battlefield.

Thanks for your time.

12-07-2010, 22:33
Why not bronze armour with red highlights?

13-07-2010, 19:41
Not really a fan of bronze armor to be honest.
If I would devote them to Khorne I would probably keep the red and brass to a minimum. Just decorate them with khorne icons cut into their skin and lots of skulls here and there :)

Any ideas on which marks and equipment that works best?

13-07-2010, 23:12
Mine have great weapons, the Mark of Slaanesh and a standard and musician. Chaos armour is optional if you feel you have points to spare.