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Volker the Mad Fiddler
12-07-2010, 23:36
So, if a Giant 'Yells and Bawls', does that mean he will not get his thunderstomp attack? Yell and Bawl says that neither the giant nor enemies in base contact with him fight if they have not already done so and since the thunderstomp is ASL...? Also, what about supporting attacks from the enemy as they are not in base to base with the giant would they still be allowed to strike a yelling giant?

I have a friend who really likes giants so I want to be sure so I can explain these before we play.

Ultimate Life Form
12-07-2010, 23:38
If I'm not mistaken models in the back ranks count as being in base contact for purposes of support attacks. As for the Thunderstomp, I don't know.

13-07-2010, 07:06
qood question, im gonna have a look at the faq's.

but, in the giant description it says no fighting is done and the enemy auto looses the fight by 2.

Now, since were playing in Initiave order and the giant has 3, three things will happen.

a) Giant has higher I then enemy: rolls yell and bawl, enemy auto looses by -2 no models fight him. No supporting attacks etc.

b) Giant has lower I then enemy: enemy attacks him with full supporting (depens on spears etc), then the giant rolls yell and bawl, if he is still allive ofc and the enemy auto looses by -2.

c) Giant has same I with enemy: roll for enemy full attacks, roll for giant, if giant is still alive enemy looses by -2.

Now, stomp and thunderstop says: in addition to its normal attacks, so since yell and bawl says no fighting is done aka the giant doesnt use any attacks ,the giant doesnt get to use thunderstomp.

Sounds weird and needs clarification, but the logic is simple and should be used as above.

edit: a quick look through the faq's of all armies with giants doesnt say anything, the only thing i found was in Chaos faq but its not really helpfull about this specific question.
Q. What happens if two opposing Giants, in the same fight but not in
base contact with each other, both roll Yell and Bawl? (p64)
A. The combat is a draw.

I still beleive u should follow the above said in that order without any thunderstomp hits from the giant.