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13-07-2010, 07:15
The Etherals use dawnblades as weapons , this makes sense , they're polearms with massive blades on the end.

But what are the maracas ?

Son of Sanguinius
13-07-2010, 07:25
They don't use "dawnblades" as far as I know. In the rules, those count as a couple of cc weapons. But thanks for the laugh. Excellent choice of title. :D

13-07-2010, 07:30
The Ethereals use honor blades, the pole arm-like weapon. Commander Farsight wields the Dawnblade, a unique artifact he discovered on Athas Moloch that may be of Chaos, Necron, Elder, Old One or some other race's design and which may or may not have contributed to his break from the Tau empire.

As for what those things the Ethereal has, I always assumed they were some sort of scepter-like symbol of office. Never really paid much attention since this batch of Ethereal models suck.

13-07-2010, 07:54
That's all they are; Symbols of Office as an Ethereal. They aren't really meant to be used as weapons, as Ethereals are far from true warriors...

If I recall correctly from Courage and Honour, the Symbols of Office additionally have some kind of tracking device in them, which the Ethereal can activate in the event that he is captured in order to be located by friendly forces.

13-07-2010, 08:18
^ Nice idea but not very practical, the first thing you'd do with a prisoner is take all his/her/its equipment away from them.

13-07-2010, 22:53
But what are the maracas ?
They're used for Tau comedy. Basically, every time that the Ephereal tries to walk through a door, the Jape Maracas of Doom extend either side of the Ephereal thereby causing them to be knocked off their feet. Also used for comedic tripping of themselves and nearby bystanders, knocking over cops of kafe, etc. Imperial archivists refer to this artifact as the Guardia Clavis-lapidum. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystone_Kops)

:shifty: ;)

(Forgive my butchering of Latin, there. I thought that it would be appropriate, though, all things considered. :D)