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brother slaughterer
13-07-2010, 09:26
I am taking part in my local store's first 8th ED WHFB campaign.
Campaign begins with 1000 pts and progresses to 2-3000 pts.

I am using my new VC army (not played a game with it yet) and below is the first 1000 pts list for your review:

VAMPIRE - Summon Ghouls, Ghoulkin, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle

NECROMANCER - Vanhel's Dance Macabre

CRYPT GHOULS (20) - Ghast

CRYPT GHOULS (27) - Ghast

CORPSE CART - Balefire



TOTAL: 997 pts

Im going for a Ghoul themed army. Would like to squeeze Helm of Commandment in if possible but no points free.

Comments and criticisms welcome please.


14-07-2010, 11:15
You can take helm of commandment, dragon helm (+1 armor, 2+ ward against flaming for 10 pts in common magic items), potion of foolhardiness (5 pts, one use only, +1 attack on the charge), and switch ghoulkin for avatar of death. You end up with a 3+ save and 6+ ward (parry) if you go hw/s, or a 4+ save if you choose additional hand weapon. I'd likely go with the former, plus you have the potion and the helm of commandment to benefit your ghouls. Same total point cost. Given that you have so few units, it may be better to just keep your original item build but switch ghoulkin for infinite hatred, so you have 4 S5 attacks with rerolls every turn.

Necro is 70 pts, so he knows 2 spells (vanhel's and invocation being the best choice).

Everything else looks fine, though you may drop the corpse cart for 13 more ghouls depending on how well it does for you.