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13-07-2010, 17:36
The BRB says that all cannons deal D6 wounds.

The Dwarf FAQ says that a Master Engineer upgrades a Dwarf Cannon from dealing D3 to D6 wounds. (note that no other reference to what kind of Cannon the Dwarves have is noted in their army book, other than what is said in the BRB).

The two sizes of cannons have a range of either 48" or 60". The line in the Dwarf book that said "The Dwarf cannon is the smaller of the two types in the BRB" (rough quote) was taken out via the FAQ.

Somehow I think that the Dwarf FAQ is a bit lacking?


13-07-2010, 17:38
All cannons do D6 wounds.

There is no point for a dwarf master engineer to hang aruond a cannon.

Gunless Ganger
13-07-2010, 18:17
There is no point for a dwarf master engineer to hang aruond a cannon.

Are you kidding? He serves the same purpose that all overseer/managers/leaders have served for all time:

Engineer: Hi guys! What's happening? Listen We need to talk about your DPS (damage per shot) reports

Cannoneer: Yeah. The D6. I know, I know. Uh GW already talked to me about it.

Engineer: Yeah. Did you get that Errata?

Cannoneer: Yeah, I got the errata and I understand the policy and the problem is that they just forgot that one time and had a redundant statement. And we won't even fire again till next turn so it's not even really a problem anymore!

Engineer: Ah! Yeah. It's just that we're dealing D6 damage with all our cannons now instead of D3. So if you could just try and remember to do that from now on, that'd be great. All right! And I'll make sure you get another copy of that Errata!

Cannoneer: Uh... I have the Errata...

13-07-2010, 18:17
I think its a mistake in the FAQ as the army book says Master Engineer upgrades a Dwarf Cannon to dealing D3 to D6 wound, so why say it again in the FAQ? All cannons are D6 as in the rulebook.

Do GW not check these things beforehand or don't their staff read the rulebook they make?

13-07-2010, 18:24
Dwarf cannons do D6 wounds, anywhere in the AB that stated that it was D3 ( chart in the reference page, the smaller of two types bit) were said to be totally ignored.

13-07-2010, 18:26
Were gona play it that he allows a re-roll to the d6 wound roll.

13-07-2010, 18:27
Were gona play it that he allows a re-roll to the d6 wound roll.

House rule or not, just like in 7th dwarf players are better off just putting the point towards getting a second cannon...

13-07-2010, 18:29
GW like all large companies care about one thing. CASH.

So when they employ people they do not make sure they have much knowledge about the rules.

Most hobby gamers knows that dwarf cannons used to do d3 wounds, and thus the new rules have changed that.

Now GW releases an errata that proves that a whole range of their employees has no clue.

The one who comes up with the rule for eingineers is pretty high up in the chain, then it goes to artwork and printing, maybe past a secreterary and hopefully by someone who checks for mistakes.

I wonder if GW laughs at their customer base. LOL kiddies playing with dolls, LAL they love to pay us 50 times more than the plastic is worth and they think we got any clue about balance....

Or if they are just counting cash and thus are way to busy to bother checking any rules or even learning them...

13-07-2010, 19:13
The errata updates seem rushed.

For instance the skink/kroxigor rules, you used to be able to fight them back, but now you cant under the new rules of fighting in two ranks... so when all the skinks are dead, do you take wounds on the kroxigor? Or remove the models from the front rank?...confused.com?

Yeah i genuinely think that the guys who wrote these erratas dont play the game...