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13-07-2010, 19:35
My group mainly plays 40K, but I have convinced one of my friends to give WF a go when the Box set comes out. He wants to play one of the box set armies to save some cash and seems interested in both HE and Skaven. Probably leaning to HE.

I started play Tomb Kings over a year ago but am still pretty much a WF newb.

I have 2 main questions.

1. With the contents of the 8th starter box which army would be easier/cheaper to build. I'm guessing HE, but not sure.

2. Which army would give TK a harder time? I ask this as when he started 40K we tried to warn him not to play Tau and he did it anyway and now loses most game mosty due the Tau codex being old. His tactics are pretty solid, but with speed of 40K units now getting into CC with Tau=you win, but I digress. I would rather him have the advantage then him autolose to 2 SSC or something.

Thanks in advance.

13-07-2010, 22:20
I played TK against HE at the weekend in my second game under new rules.

He had Teclis IF-ing like it was going out of fashion and I couldn't dispel enough - then for a laugh I charged 40 SW into 40 Sea Guard - he got arm ache rolling the dice but it was a laugh. Because of their higher I and ASF they got rerolls on hits (for EVERY TURN) - ouch.

My TK need to be tuned considerably but it was only my second game under 8th and I had no rulebook so was relying on opponent to tell me the rules!

13-07-2010, 22:28
I think either army will do well against tomb kings, and both armies will be solid in 8th edition. So I suggest he just pick whatever army fits his playstyle. Skaven look like more fun with all the different unit choices, but I think High Elves will be cheaper to collect.

13-07-2010, 22:47
Just had a small battle with my son to learn the new rules. he had 7 silver helms, 15 spearmen, 10 archers, noble with helm, and level 1 mage.
I had 20 spears, 10 archers, 8 hvy cav, Liche & Prince.
lost all archers & leiche on turn 1 (small table) to noble with spears (lost combat by 13 points!!!!!) won other fight between helms and my spaers/prince but no casualties at all, just ranks - he didnt break!!. He lost more troops to the swamp he crossed to get to me than my army. High Helms vs spears save on 2+ :-(

to sum up HE should be good against TK - high I, rerolls, high LD, +1 on dispels, militia, ...........miles better armour, easy combat reforms, etc.

of course with a bigger army, more LP's, magic items, bound spells then I could have done better, but then so could he.... so HE definatly better army

13-07-2010, 23:09
For easier/cheaper army collection, definitely go High Elves. Skaven armies are huge and therefore expensive monetarily.

As the others have said, both fare well against Tomb Kings at the moment. I'd say Skaven are the bigger annoyance since they seem to have a unit or special rule to cover up every single one of their supposed weaknesses.

14-07-2010, 06:59
either of those armies will beat TK in small scale Q_Q

Insane Courage
14-07-2010, 08:50
True either army will beat TK in 8th edition (but we do not know where TK will stand after their new book). So dont worry about him not being able to beat you, even though horde is the new black, the HE will be the army that can take them down ASF with high I means rerolls like crazy!!! In my HE vs Skaven 8th game it was beautiful 40 clanrats came into battle with steadfast against 30 spears and where ran over the 4 ranks was the key. Pick HE!!!