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13-07-2010, 18:36
Hey everyone. I'm entering a campaign in the battle bunker starting this Thursday 7/15/10.

I'm about to make a list but was wondering if there were any pointers from other chaos players or players in general.

I think the original list is 1500 points then for every 10 tiles you hold you get an additional 100 points.

Basically my list will include a
a level 2 sorc (maybe 2 if i can find the points)

Horde of tz marauders (50 or so)
Another unit of marauders maybe khorne w/ gw(30 reg form)
unit of warriors

1/2 units knights khorne is points allow
1/2 units marauder horsemen flails slaanesh probably


Pretty basic and straight forward. I don't often play 1500 point games, usually 2k. What should I drop?