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13-07-2010, 23:10
Here is my speculative 3k list for vampires. Not too savvy with the army so just testing the waters atm. Looking for a way to squeeze a black coach in there if someone can find a viable way.


Vampire lord- 380 points

W/ Red fury, Dread knight, Ghoul kin, Dreadlance and cadaverous cuirass.


Necromancer- 100 points

W/ Sceptre de Noirot, Vanhels danse macabre and raise dead.

Vampire- 185 points

W/ Walking death, Blood drinker and avatar of death (Heavy armour and shield).

Wight king- 145 points

BSB W/ Banner of the barrows.


40 Zombies- 172 points

W/ Standard bearer and musician.

30 Skeletons- 285 points

W/ Full command and standard of hellish vigour.

30 Crypt Ghouls- 248 points

W/ Ghast

40 Zombies- 172 points

W/ Standard bearer and musician.

30 Crypt Ghouls- 248 points

W/ Ghast

10 Dire wolves- 90 points

W/ Doomwolf

Corpse cart- 100 points

W/ Bale fire.


20 Grave guard- 270 points

W/ Full command

10 Black knights- 280 points

W/ Full command.


5 Blood knights- 325 points

W/ full command.

14-07-2010, 11:02
Tarpits with zombies, especially newly raised units, are somewhat useless now. Compared to other armies, zombies will die just as fast as other weak infantry, but rather than testing on steadfast leadership, they'll just die in droves. As for the summoned units, now units get a free reform if they win a round in combat (and can reform if they lose if a leadership test is passed modified by the amount they lost combat by), meaning even if they don't wipe out the unit in the first round, it'll happen in the second round. Overall I see little use for zombies now, unless you take an absolutely massive unit of 80 or so, deployed 5 wide, intended to hold up a large unit of elite troops for a few turns (not worth it imho).

Anyway, put barrows on the grave guard instead of the battle standard bearer so you can buy magic items. Nightshroud and sword of kings is a nice combination, but crown of the damned can also work since you can reroll stupidity with the BSB on the wight's LD9. Grave guard are far better with great weapons, and the unit should be larger, at least 30, to soak up casualties.

Foot vampire is better off with flayed hauberk than blood drinker, he'll just die considering a unit can direct a minimum of 4 attacks onto him if it so chooses regardless of how many you kill.

The black knights could take a banner, perhaps the royal standard of strigos. Hellish vigour isn't as good as other choices for the skeletons. I'd go with the magic resistance 1 banner from the common magic item list (6+ ward against magic), or a warbanner.

Direwolves will lose at least one in the first round of combat against anything, so your extra rank is lost and they won't be able to break ranks. Better to split the units, drop the doomwolf, and use them to hunt warmachines etc.

I don't like corpse carts so much unless you're playing magic heavy with a master of the black arts vampire as it'll dent your casting.

The blood knights will get destroyed by magic/shooting without the 75 pt 4+ ward banner, but even then, such a unit won't break infantry on the charge, even with the lord, so it's not so worthwhile anymore. I'd drop it for varghulf/black coach. Varghulf has thunderstomp now, and the black coach is much better (sucks up more power dice, no auto-death from S7).

You're better off with a dispel scroll or some magic defense on the necro in terms of items. And putting the lord on foot with infinite hatred, a magic weapon (sword of might/battle/strife), and an armor/ward save would be better than the dreadlance and current bloodline build. I've enjoyed using versatile combat lords with dark acolyte.

14-07-2010, 19:09
i don't think paying for zombies is the best thing these days/ points better put to use into skeleton units IMo

14-07-2010, 19:45
All your core, in my opinion, should be put into units of 30 Ghouls. They're worth there weight in gold, with the number of attacks and relative cheapness can turn the the battle instantly. I would take 2 units of them, maybe 3. And make sure your vampires can raise them
Grave guard are also good, i would take some more of them too. And blood knights, ironically for there fluff, make great supporting units for ghoul blocks
with the empasise on bsbs now, and ethereal vampire with bsb and a large unit of cairn wraiths with a banshee floating around should do the trick at protecting him.


14-07-2010, 23:47
I agree that you should raise your units of Zombies instead of purchasing them.

15-07-2010, 14:32
Whaaaaaat? Zombies are going to be the best tarpit in the game. They ALWAYS died in droves. Now they can be ASF W6 or 7 Zombies with the right build plus actually get to attack back. If anything, ghouls might be the worst of the bunch. Sure, they are effective in combat but can't hold banners, therefore can't even win one of the games. They'll also die in droves as much as zombies and are more points.

Skellies? Meh. 6+ parry ain't worth it when you can just take a trillion unbreakable zombies.

I am dreaming up a vampire army of nothing but zombies and corpse carts. George Romero would be proud!

21-07-2010, 07:37
thinks of the money spent on that army and shudders.

21-07-2010, 08:06

Zombies are terrible. Zombies with Ws6 or 7 are skillfully terrible. Ghouls are good, but need to be balanced by Skellies for Break Point missions. Spending all your Core on Ghouls is a quick way to lose games.

And Walls, Ghouls die alot more slowly than Zombies. 99% of people hit Zombies on 3s. Most Core Units from other races hit Ghouls on 4s (Empire, Orcs, Goblins, VCs, TKs, Beastmen, Ogres). Generally, most Core of other Races also need 5s to wound them (Empire, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Beastmen, VCs, TKs). Additionally, they have an average Initiative that will place them before some races and creatures (Lizards, Orcs, Ogres), they have an average strength that will wound alot of opponents on 4s AND they have poison.

21-07-2010, 10:14
There is absoloutly no point in taking zombies basic. When you can rasie them for FREE!, and you can cast 2 of the main spells to rasie them multiple times. Skellies are your anvils, ghouls are your hammers. Zombies are your........Zombies!, you need them for holding up units, screening your frenzied Blood knights and annoying your opponents