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13-07-2010, 23:34
Recently started playing again with a few mates and one of them plays dwarfs and has an annoying tendancy to field large numbers of thunderers. He also uses a cannon with that rune that makes it explode on death which is annoying, and when I do get through his warriors his stand and shoot reaction just ruins my guys.

I play daemons btw, and my list off the top of my head is...

herald on jugger

Herald of slaanesh (no upgrades)

20 bloodletters

20 demmonettes

5 flesh hounds

3 flamers

we are playng 1k atm, I will be ordering 20 horrors and a tzeentch herald soon to boost it too 1.5k

13-07-2010, 23:44
gunlines are terribly boring to play against.

Don't Daemonettes get a standard that lets the enemy only hold as a charge reaction? That will help against thunderers when you charge. Drop the Juggernaught It will just get sniped and die very quickly.

13-07-2010, 23:51
I keep the herald with jugger in my bloodletter unit and and sometimes charge him out of it if I need to tie osmthing up or kill a lone character. Demmonettes do get that standard, however it's getting there that is the problem... they just get hit by the cannon or shot to pieces because of their low T, and last time I tried to take the cannon with my hounds it exploded killing them all.

I was thinking of just using the flamers to soften them up so I cna get a charge in and the stand and shoot wont matter. The one advantage I have is that he has so many targets and probabley wont know what to shoot first.