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14-07-2010, 01:58
I'm a long time 40k veteran and look to start Fantasy, and with the recent 8th edition rulebook release, it seems like the perfect time to start.

I've decided either Lizardmen or Skaven, so can someone please explain how each army functions, their strengths and weaknesses, and must take units?

Thank You.

Ultimate Life Form
14-07-2010, 02:06
If faced with these two choices I'd say it mainly comes down to the number of models you fancy. Both are able to participate in all phases of the game or be specialized in one direction to suit your tastes, but Lizardmen are an elite army meaning there will be few powerful models while Skaven are the exact opposite with boatloads of cheap expendable troops.

14-07-2010, 02:13
Two very very good army choices. I was faced with the same options a couple of weeks ago, and personally i chose skaven. Both have Great models (my personal favorite from both being the doomwheel and the stegadon) and both are really good to play with, and against, as long as you don't use/ come up against Abomb spam. To be honest i think its a matter of model and game play preference at point. both are pretty equally strong to play on the tabletop, so its up to you.

14-07-2010, 03:51
If i could afford the models i would have chosen Skaven, however i have decided to go with Lizardmen as you can get by with less models.

The machines of Doom that the Skaven can bring are really really nice though. The models are nice and big which is a plus. The Lizardmen Stegadons look big in the pictures but when you look at them in the shop they are quite small. Both the Skaven and Lizardmen look great in the display windows at the local store where i live, however the Skaven just stand out that much more, probably the best looking army they have on display.

14-07-2010, 18:28
Thanks for the responses.

I'll probably build 1000pts for both and build from there. Probably going with Lizzies first.

14-07-2010, 20:53
Thanks for the responses.

I'll probably build 1000pts for both and build from there. Probably going with Lizzies first.

atta boy ;) Welcome to the fold

14-07-2010, 21:14
Buy both is always the correct decision. :D

14-07-2010, 21:17
Probably going with Lizzies first.

definitely. wait for the skaven vs. HE starterset in september. (about 900 points of skaven in there, i think)