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14-07-2010, 05:51
Hoping to provide some entertainment and generate some thoughts. Always appreciate some feedback on list-making/in-game decisions, but please go easy on the half-painted armies and terrain!

pictures (poor quality, i apologize, more to come!):

2-4: SK deployment
5-7: BM deployment
8-9: end of sk1
10-11: end of bm1

2500 Points

Skaven (moi)

1 Plague Priest (Level 2 Wizard, Great Pox Rat, Flail, Foul Pendant)
[Wither and Cloud of Corruption]
1 Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Tail Weapon, Talisman of Endurance)
1 Warlock Engineer (Level 2 Wizard, Warp Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket)
[Warp Lightning and anti flying/shooting spell]
1 Warlock Engineer (Warplock Musket, Skavenbrew)

30 Clanrats (Spears, Shields, Full Command, Ratling Gun)
30 Stormvermin (Full Command, Fangleader's Rat Hound Bodyguard, War Banner, Ratling Gun)
40 Skavenslaves

25 Giant Rats (5 Packmasters, [not including] Skweel Gnawtooth) <--- Got "Regeneration" this game!

40 Plague Monks (Full Command, Plague Banner)
6 Rat Ogres (1 Master Bred, 3 Pack masters, [not including] 1 Master Moulder with Tail Weapon)
6 Poison Wind Globadiers (Bombardier, Death Globe)
2 x 3 Jezzails (Sharpshooter Teams)

1 Hellpit Abomination


Great Bray Shaman (Power Stone, Tuskgor Chariot)
[ Lore of Beasts; default spell, -1 to hit hex, +3S/A hero buff, bolt thrower -- traded off summon monster spell!!]

Gorbull (Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armour, Shield)

2 x 25 Gor (AHW, FC)
30 Ungor (Spears, FC)
10 Warhounds

8 Minotaurs (AHW, FC)
10 Harpies

1 Jabbersclythe

Mission: Dawn Attack
Terrain: 8 pieces. Playing on a 40x64 board so deployment was very tight
West is my left, I got to choose side and had to deploy first. I also won the decision to first turn and took it.

Left half of the board is heavily cluttered.
Ruins (played as woods) in southwest corner
Buildings to north and east of it, one to north has a hill directly to it's north
3rd house roughty completing a square with ruins and other houses, northwest from centre
L-shaped barricade to east of 3rd house, straddling the east-west centre of the board, north of equator.

2 pieces of impassable terrain on south half at midline, with another L-barricade on the southeast quadrant close to equator..

Deployment: Dawn attack makes you randomize your choice of deployment (flank vs centre), disrupting all but the best laid plans.

Skaven (west to east)
Giant Rats, SV Ratling gun in ruins on far west, Stormverming between forest and building, 2 jezzail units and globadiers [with L2 Wizard] behind building, Slaves in main alley Clanrats [with BSB] Behind them on diagonal, with RG in front. Monks in 10x4.4 with priest on pox rat on east-central, Abom then rat ogres on east flank. [Skavenbrew wizard between them]

[Deployment errors: mixed up my engineer's, so the one with skavenbrew was far from either unit that could use it, and my east flank was without shooting to peck away at 8 minos/25 bestigor]

Beastment(west to east; his right to left)
Jabber behing northwestmost building, 10x harpies to his east
Ungor with Gorbull BSB behind north-central buiding
Gor unit 1 behind barricade facing off slaves
Other gor facing down horde of plague monks
warhounds behind them [opponent messed up and deployed them last -- hes a newb]
General in tuskgor chariot
8 Mino's facing down RO's/HPA

Pregame thoughts:
Spell selection went as well as I could have hoped for. I majorly screwed up the deployment of my engineers, let's see if I can recover.

Skaven Turn 1:

Movement: everything moves tenuously forward, except for HPA who barrels 14" towards the bestigor. I want to make him come to me, since I have some degree of firepower. Jezzail unit 1 takes the southcentral building. Slaves move full speed through corridor to meet gor.

Shooting: Everything moved. Doomrocket not in position yet.

Magic: 8/6. Both warp lightning and howling warpgale are cast but dispelled

Beastmen Turn 1:

Bold Advance on Eastern flank by Minotaurs and Bestigor to challenge Rat Ogres and HPA, respectively. I begin to sweat. 8 Mino will destroy my Rat Ogre unit! DO NOT WANT! Both Gor units advance forward, keeping in rank with bestigor. Chariot stays between bestigor and gor, hounds behind gor still. Ungor move between northern building to face off with stormvermin. Jabbersclythe moves onto hill using building as cover. Harpies move to eastern side of deployment.

Magic: 8/6 again. I channel 2 dispel dice, my opponent none. He gets off the -1 to hit spell on my storvermin, who were eyeing the bsb and ungor (damn 36" spell range!!). My opponent forgets about the Jabba's Aura of Madness (which is trouble for my small, unranked units trying to shoot him). Magic bolt thrower goes off on plague monks, killing 1.

Skaven Turn 2:

*#@^ gets real, very fast.

Movement: Slaves charge Western Gor unit, they hold. Abom barrels into Minotaurs, knowing the rat ogres don't stand a chance. Plague Monks charge Eastern Gor unit.
Giant Rats manouvre to charge jabber. Storvermin hold ground. WLE w/ skavenbrew joins clanrats. Rat Ogres hold. Globadiers move into LoS of jabber to pop off some shots (should of gone into building to spank him from there)

Magic: 5/3. I cast wither and howling warpgate, both of which are dispelled again. >:(

Jezzails put a total of 3 wounds on BSB, leaving him with 1. 1 kills himself with misfire, and panics his unit away, but no chain reaction ensues. Globadiers put a wound on the jabber, and i forgot to doomrocket him in the face. 1 Ratling gun misfires and narrowly avoids the stormvermin, while anothers shoots into the CC between slaves and gor and kills 5 gor.

Close Combat;
gor vs slaves: i kill ~3, he kills 10 in return. I hold on LD5 stubborn

HPA vs 8 mino xhw fc: I do 2 wounds from impact hits and cause another 6 with flailing fists. He does 4 wounds, 2 of which I regenerate. They are chased down and destroyed. This panics his bestigor which flee into the HPA, since the plague monks are closer.
Plague Monks vs. Gor: Hero + Steed kill 2. Horde Monks dish out (5x9)-8=37 attacks, after activating the plague banner (rerolls Hit+Wound), to kill a whopping -_19_- gor. 4 are left standing. The flee and I pursue into the general great bray shaman on a chariot. My opponent concedes quite unsure of what just happened :0)

I convinced him to play his next turn, and he lost his general to mine in a challenge, and his ungor/BSB were slaughtered by stormvermin, despite their -1 to hit hex

Really abrupt and bloody game, and just some really poor luck on my opponent's part (Losing 3 huge units by end of turn 2, leaving his general alone on that side of the board). He wasn't able to cope with how the randomized deployment affected his battle plan.

Beastmen Routed from the ruined city! Epic victory for Clan Iksrit!

Overall errors:
- Forgot to doomrocket the Jabber/Ungors!
- Forgot about fear/terror tests
- Regen on Skweel's rats never go to see action
- Really wanted to see the 6 RO do their thing, but I knew the minos would be too much, even striking first.
[RO's do, 21 attacks @ .5 to hit @ 2/3 to wound = 1/3*21 = 7 wounds]
[mino's (with 6 left) would do 19 attacks @ 2/3 to hit @ 2/3 to wound = 4/9*19 = ~8.1 wounds] -- i was lucky and he forgot to give the champ the ASF or I10 sword

14-07-2010, 08:33
Nice report! DO NOT WANT! lol :D

14-07-2010, 09:31
nice rep, thanks for sharing.

So the HPA still packs a wallop, no surprise there :)

14-07-2010, 10:03
Thanks for sharing.

Your opponents list looks really small for 2.5k, even for beastmen.

14-07-2010, 14:06
*#@^ gets real, very fast.

No doubt...

Thanks for the battle report.

Cool to see those big units of rat ogres and minotaurs :)

15-07-2010, 23:32
Ok you have convinced me to make a 2x3 unit of rat ogres. In the last edition they were meh but now I can see they have some killing power.

Great report shame it was only a 3 turn game.

17-07-2010, 21:56
Im seeing and reading about alot of blowouts in 8th thus far.....