View Full Version : Skaven - 2250p

14-07-2010, 06:08
Grey Seer = 440p
bell 200p

Plague Priest = 279p
flail 4p dispel scroll 25p furnace 150p

55 Storm Vermin = 410p
FC 25p

40 Slaves = 82p
musc 2p

40 Slaves = 82p
musc 2p

37 Plague Monks = 284p
FC 25p

3 Rat Ogres = 136p
2 PM 16p

2 Doom Wheels = 300p

Hell Pit Abomination = 235p

Total = 2248p

iv tried this army a few times works pretty well, i think its a little cheesy but still enjoy it, any thoughts. i like the bells protection for the Grey Seer 2+ ward save vs magic is nice against a lot of the ppl i play against. The rat ogres don't do too much i find. thx for your comments.

14-07-2010, 19:18
it should work and it is original i haven't seen anything like it before... i would split the slaves though 20's i find work better.

Really haven't enjoyed ogres yet? Mine ripped apart a few things earlier today was great fun seeing ogre sized models getting some love again