View Full Version : 2nd try, 8ed WOC 2400pts

14-07-2010, 11:34
Ok, so the first list was a great success with wins against lizardmen,OG&DE&skaven, losses against skaven and a draw against empire, now I wanted to try the c-list of my collection :D

Sorc lord: LV4, enchanted shield, infernal puppet, talisman of preservation, stream of corruption

Exa: MoT, BSB, halberd, armour of destiny
Exa: MoS, flail, steed of slaanesh, bloodcurling roar, opal amulet&charmed shield (against cannons mostly)

2x5 dogs
16 warriors: FC, shields, MoT, rapturous std
16 warriors: FC, shields, halberds, MoK, blasted std
10 marauder horsemen: MoS, javelins (nice range, with vanguard movement they+exa rush the other flank to the warmachines

7 trolls

1 spawn
Warshrine: MoT

Warshrine is a serious pick that IMO might even "work", I'm not so sure about the sos-exa and his horsemen though. I just had to find/make a unit that could escort him. Or should I trust in his expendable saves to make the journey by himself? Horsement take up 150 pts, enough for a chariot or a smaller group of horsemen and a spawn?

15-07-2010, 23:04
Your warrior units are small.

I think you could use a single lvl 4 w/ black tongue and a BSB, however that M10 warmachine hunter sure sounds interesting.

good luck.