View Full Version : New Pulp City: JADE HAWK

14-07-2010, 12:49
The latest Pulp City mini heading to us soon is Jade Hawk, the companion mini to Skyline.

Jade Hawk was conceived by the late Matt Randy (a Pulp City Herald and Privateer Press Ganger) who won a Pulp City Supreme Genesis contest with the concept.

Matt lived to see the green I believe, but not the final results. I look forwards to being able to pick this up, hopefully soon, even if the feelings will be perhaps a little mixed because of the circumstance of Matt's passing.

Sorry if the context is a bit downbeat, but I thought it is necessary. Here is the mini (click on attachment for bigger image):

14-07-2010, 15:26
Sweet! Another must have to add to my collection of PC figures. One of these days I need to actually play a game or two. ;)