View Full Version : DE help me put something together

14-07-2010, 16:24
ok here is what i have so far

25 warriors
10 crossbowmen
55 unbuilt bodies
32 Corsairs (unbuilt)
10 Dark riders and 5 more can be made from extra bits
5 Cold one Knights (unbuilt)
2 Spare Cold Ones
5 Black guard (command)
5 Shades
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
1 Hydra
1 Chariot
1 Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus
1 Sorceress on foot
1 sorceress on Dark Steed
1 Assassin
A few characters on foot (BSB's mostly)

and for sure $90 maybe $200 if i can sell my WoC off

I was thinking another Chariot and Hydra.

Your task is, what would be a decent list made from these models and an extra $90. by the way my GW generally plays at 2,250 so that is what i am aiming for.