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14-07-2010, 17:30
OK, I'm returning to the game, been lost since 5th... so it's been a loong way and found many changes on the game and the armies. From what I've read, beastmen is an army that seems to be left behind, and with very few chances to be competitive, but I like the fellows and here is my first approach:

General: Minotaur with 2 weapons and sacly skin, and into a 6 strong minotaur units with full command.

2 bray shamen with herdstone shard and lore of beasts

2 charriots
40 gor with hand weapon and shield
35 ungor with spears

a cygor

Does it has any chance to survive turn 3? I'm not looking into a wining army but an army that can do a lot of carnage... forget the objectives! those are beastmen...

15-07-2010, 22:56
If you loose that mino unit you're going to cry.

I would suggest units of 4 with a musician (so you can reform onto flank), a Gorebull in the ungors, and a lvl 4 with hagtree and a scroll.