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Alexander Keith
14-07-2010, 21:48
2.5k TZC/Undivided


200 Exalhted, BSB, MoTzc, Collar of Khrone, Iron Curse Icon, Dragon Helm, shield.

210 Chaos Sorcerer, MoTzc, 2nd level, Blood of Tzc, Spell Shield, Stream of Corruption.

190 Chaos Sorcerer of Death, 2nd level, Dispel Scroll, Conjoined Homunculus, Enchanted Shield, and Necrotic Phlactery

600= 24%


(388) 19- Warriors of Chaos, MoTzc, Shields, Standard, Musician, Blasted Standard

(208) 28- Marauders of Chaos, MoTzc, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command

(80) 5- Marauder Horsemen, Light Armour, Spears, Throwing Spears

(80) 5- Marauder Horsemen, Light Armour, Spears, Throwing Spears

(30) 5- Chaos Hounds

(30) 5- Chaos Hounds

816= 33%


(270) 6- Chaos Trolls

(200) 5- Chaos Knights

(200) 5- Chaos Knights

670= 27%


(205) Hellcannon

(205) Hellcannon

410= 16%

My three large units all have decent protection in combat, vs shooting, and vs magic.

The Trolls have +4 regen of course...

The Marauders are joined by the BSB and Death Sorcerer...they have a 5+ armour save and 5+ ward save in combat against most attacks. They have a 4+ ward vs magic, and 5+ ward vs warmachines...and of course the 5+ armour save vs other shooting.

The Warriors have a 3+ armour save, and 5+ ward save in combat. A 3+ armour save and 4+ ward save vs shooting. And they also have a 5+ ward vs magic when joined by the Tzc Sorcerer.

My characters all have good saves as well...

The BSB has a 2+ Armour save and a 5+ ward in combat...and a 3+ ward vs sniping magic

The Death Sorcerer and general has a +2 Armour save and is immune to death and Nurgle sniping spells thanks to Necrotic Phylactery.

Lastly the Sorcerer of Tzc has a 3+ armour save, 5+ ward save in combat and a 5+ ward versus sniping spells.

I hope that while I advance on the opponent, he should be weakened by the cannons and magic while I hopefully reach combat mostly intact.

Please Comment: I need all the help I can get! :confused:

1) Do you think the list can work without the Sorcerer Lord on Disk?

2) Do you think I've invested to much in shooting/magic protection for my troops? 125pts including the marks?

Big thanks to Keril!