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15-07-2010, 02:48
8th Edition list time! I was thinking I'd be primarily playing HE for 8th. And that might be true, but I think I'm going to do an empire stint for at least a while.

And with that in mind here is my newest Empire list that is Ludicrous by 7th ed and prior standards, but for 8th might actually be closer to the norm... then again it might also be crazy in 8th too. :lol:

Its for 2500. So 1250 on characters, 625 on lords, 625 on heroes, 625+ on core, 1250 on special, and 625 on rare. Those are some nice numbers to work with, can basically do whatever you like. Here's my list of the Order of the Knights of the White Wolf with the support of the Cult of Ulric and the Count's Royal Artillery of Middenhiem.

Lords: 245pts.

-Templar Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf 145, exchanges Lance and Shield for Great Weapon +0, Crown of Command +35, White Cloak +35, Dawnstone +25, Luckstone +5.

Heroes: 490pts.

-Captain of the Empire 50, Battle Standard Bearer +25, Armor of Meteoric Iron +25, Sword of Might +20, Ironcurse Icon +5.
-Warrior Priest of Ulric 90, Heavy Armor +4, Great Weapon +4, Warhorse +10, Barding +4, Shroud of Magnus +50.
-Warrior Priest of Ulric 90, Heavy Armor +4, Great Weapon +4, Obsidian Amulet +30, Dragonhelm +10.
-Master Engineer 65.

Core: 734pts. (986?)

-28 Knights of the White Wolf 644, exchanges Lances and Shields for Great Weapons +0, Musician +8, Standard Bearer +16, Ranger's Standard +50, Preceptor +16.

Special: 1,012pts. (760?)

-38 Teutogen Guard 380, Musician +6, Standard Bearer +12, Count's Champion +12.
-Detachment 1: 18 Swordsmen 108.
-Detachment 2: 18 Handgunners 144.
-Great Cannon 100.
-Great Cannon 100.
-Mortar 75.
-Mortar 75.

Rare: 0pts.

Total: 2,501pts.

Also, the reason for the parenthesis in the points spent on the core and special is because I am not sure weather to count the points spent on the detachments of the greatswords as points towards the core or towards the special allotment. The way it worked before is that they were core and doesn't count as core, so I imagine it counts towards the core category, but can't be used towards the minimum 25%, but it doesn't count against the special 50%. There is nothing on this in the FAQ, but I think precedent of how it works for harpies and chaos warhounds applies for detachments.

What do you guys think? If I were to scale it back to 2400 I would just drop a cannon. Its 1 over but I figure that's okay for friendlies, The only thing I can drop is one of the 5 point magic items, and I gladly will if my opponents give me a hard time about being 1 over. The ironcurse icon is likely the easiest of the two to drop as not all enemies even have warmachines, and its benefit is negligible.

15-07-2010, 03:46
-28 Knights of the White Wolf 644, exchanges Lances and Shields for Great Weapons +0, Musician +8, Standard Bearer +16, Ranger's Standard +50, Preceptor +16.

One huge unit of knights? A horde?

I don't know how much advantage you'll get out of such a large unit.

I'd be more inclined to split it into two, one with the TGM and one with the WP. 14 is plenty big for mounted troops - add in a character each, and you get three full ranks - and two smaller units gives you far, far more tactical flexibility than one large one.

15-07-2010, 04:34
It will be a horde. I don't know how effective it will be, we'll have to see, but I feel I have my bases covered with it. Its no more unwieldy than a horde of orc boyz. Basically I am thinking of it as a faster unit of chaos marauders with GW's and a 2+ save. In that sense its not so ridiculous in theory.

If I split the units I will have to get more characters to maintain the effectiveness this unit currently has (you need the hatred I think) and I can't afford that.