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15-07-2010, 08:22
Rules for reform state that the center of the unit cannot move during a reform.

Combat reform rules state that for all intents and purposes, a combat reform is a reform that can be done while in close combat with the special exception that you cannot move models out of base contact with the enemy.

Therefore it would seem that the only thing a combat reform can do is turn models in place to face a flank since adding or subtracting frontage would move the center of the unit.

For example:

A unit arranged 10 wide x 6 deep can only turn models in place to face the flank at a 6 wide x 10 deep unit.

But the rule for combat reform specifically mentions increasing frontage to bring more models into combat.

Also does this rule mean that if there is a mixed unit of say skinks and kroxigor wherein the unit is engaged to the side and the Kroxigors are in base contact with the enemy, when you can't reform since skink/krox mixed units rules state you always put skinks in the front rank?

15-07-2010, 09:11
Well you could get more models into contact by adding one to each side of the unit no?


15-07-2010, 11:56
Changing a unit a 4x4 unit to 8x4 by removing the eight rearmost models and placing four of them on each side (thus keeping the front rank in position) will move the center of the unit forward by one base length.

If the center of the unit is to remain at the same location while you increase the units width then you will need to pull the front rank back.

In many cases you will want to bring more combatants into the fray by increasing the width of the unit. This simple maneuver will have you break one of the following rules:

1. The unit's center may not move.
2. Models that are already fighting may not be moved out of combat.

Obviously you will want to ignore the first rule and adhere to the second.


15-07-2010, 17:27
That is so stupidly obvious now that you mention it but, at the same time, I don't think I would have caught that one if I'd been writing the rules.

15-07-2010, 19:10
hehe, dont worry about it Yehoshua, considering the writers of the book overlooked it completely. In the same paragraph they give the rule, they also say it is most useful to bring more enemies into contact... which is of course impossible as T10 demonstrated.

I agree with T10s conclusion though. It is very obviously written to function like they describe on page 55. So until they errata it to be correct, I intend to play it as they wanted. (lol, how's that for tempting the RAW vs RAI debate? I apologize beforehand if it happens)