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15-07-2010, 10:16
EDIT: I might put the rest of my battle reports here too, the first is here and I'll link to the newest one as well.


I Played some friendly games last weekend with the nearby game group, against skaven and OG. Skaven player had something like:
Vermin lord (lore of pestilence)
Priest on a furnace
3 units of clanrats (those mortar thingys)
3 units of slaves
some plaque monks
2 units of censer bearers
warp-lightning cannon
2 abominations (!)

I had my woc
lv4 sorc lord with shadow and puppet+other stuff
lv2 sorc with death and other stuff
bsb with 3+ ward and halberd
6 trolls
38 marauders
16+17 mot/mok warriors
some dogs

Our terrain was basically a hill or a forest in each corner or so, granting cover for my opponents expensive units, I had a forest on my side of the field and as mok warriors stepped in, it was found to be a blood forest. Oh joy. Not that it made any difference whatsoever in the game...

We played a basic pitched battle as this was mainly a learning opportunity for my opponent (the new rules that is, he has played 7ed a couple of years), rats formed a line with abo and wlc+censers, then clanrat/slave units one after another, followed by monks&furnace flanked by more censers, the last clanrat unit and his verminlord+the other abomination. I answered with a line of: hellcannon, dogs, trolls, mot warriors, mok warriors, marauders. The plan was to target his furnace with my cannon, tempt the abo to charge my dogs and then my trolls so throgg could beat it, while holding the other abo with my marauders and beating his line with my warriors. However...

Warriors start as they finished last and I rolled high: a bit shufling around, magic does nothing and my guys advance a bit. Hellcannon wounds his priest which was nice.

Skaven goes next and my opponent revealed his tactics: big stuff come forward, mortars and the wlc shoot things and regiments hold back to preserve points. Now, his abominations have actually served him well in the past so it wasn't that stupid a plan, but it did cost him dearly this time. Boths monstrosities surge forward 14" or more, the other revealing its flank to my marauders. While in the shooting phase wlc misfire itself to death, magic is pretty uneventful, I scroll his plaque cast on my marauders as I'm not ready to give them up just yet...

My second turn sees marauders charging the abo in it's flank, dogs moving directly in front of the other abo, and hellcannon shooting the furnace away but leaving the priest with one wound. Magic does nothing. Marauders hit something like 16 times, wound it 12 times and it just dies after killing 6 marauders with it's "strike all in b2b once"-attack. The overrun move takes marauders to the front of his plaque monks, who have just lost their furnace and are a bit shocked about it.

Skaven are ready for a counterattack, charging my dogs with the abomination and flanking my marauders with censer bearers. Magic does nothing, shooting sees a mortar thingy misfire itself to death. Abo unsurprisingly kills my dogs and overruns into trolls, I didn't flee with my dogs as I wanted to be able to curse the monster on my turn to help my trolls. The marauders take horrendous casualties from the censer bearers, but manage to kill half of them (so 3) and the priest in return. The remaining 5 flee, but their work done! Plaque priest and abomination, not bad. Rats of pestilence approach, knowing what's coming for them...

My turn three, I somewhy didn't charge with mok warriors, preferring to shuffle them into a bit better position. I don't manage to do much in magic phase this time either, his vermin lord is still about. Hellcannon scatters and we move to combat where the abomination kills two trolls, throgg infilcts 12 hits/3 wounds with his breath weapon and one gets through (come on, only 4+ to wound!), his normal attacks and the attacks from the other trolls do 3 more, leaving abomination with 2 wounds. Even throgg cannot keep the line when this monstrosity rampages through my lines, trolls break and abo pursuits behind my warriors. Grrrreat.

Skaven turn three, remaining abomination charges my mot-warriors into rear, and his plaque monks fail their LD test and must charge mok warriors. Somewhy his verminlord decides combat is for weaker creatures, and does not charge with them. Magic is again very uneventful (we both have high wizard level main casters, and I don't have units that were free) and as I'm in CC with everything but the hellcannon, we move into combat. Plaque monks kill like 1 warrior while the BSB and warriors slay a dozen. They still have enough ranks I think so hold, but not for long. Abomination kills one warrior with impact hits, I manage to wound it back twice with my warriors and to great dismay from my opponent, reveal the banner of everlasting flame! The beast is dead!

My turn 4, warriors advance, magic does nothing major, hellcannon misfires and causes a miscast on all wizards on the field. He has only his verminlord, "6", my lord reveals his play doll and modifies the result, rats stare in horror as daemonic forces suck their patron god's avatar back into warp! I roll sevens for my sorcs (puppet helps), losing 4 warriors in total. Not a bad trade I would say. Meanwhile my sorc lord uses bloodcurling roar to kill the remaining 3 censer bearers. Mok Warriors beat&catch the monks, advancing as far as my other warriors already were.

Losing his general (priest), his caster (verminlord), his warmachines (1 mortar and the WLC, 2 mortars remain), and his big hitters (abominations) in the first half of the game, my opponent is now left with 6 censers and about 6 regiments of low level-rats (and his bsb). With so much time left, he snaps and rushes forward to meet my warriors in combat, I'll have to do the charging though.

I do that, charging with mot warriors against his slaves or something. Mok warrriors turn to face the other flank by themselves. Hellcannon scatters, but my death wizard manages to cast caress of laniph and kill a mortar thingy, which panics a unit of slaves off the field too. Sorc lord throw some curses around, making warriors totally superior. The slaves break, nobody dies and warriors overrun into clanrats with the bsb in there.

His chances are slim now, censer bearers fail their charge by an inch or two, bsb dies and clanrats hold.

My last turn, mok warriors charge his slaves as they are closer and I fail their frenzy check. Slaves decide to flee, so I manage to redirect and charge his clanrats instead. Yay. Sorc-duo throw some more curses around, slowing his censers so they don't reach me next turn either, and lowerinc str and T by 1 for everybody in 18", s2 t2 rats lol. Those pathetic creatures stand no chance, breaking and being overrun by my warriors. They pursue, leaving a slave unit behind them and censer bearers->no charges for them then. Clanrats hold against MoK warriors due to steadfast, but there's one turn left...

Not that it helps him any, as the slaves are in the way and all characters are dead, we move straight into CC and the last ranks are slain->clanrats break and the battle is over. I have my mortal characters, both warrior units and the hellcannon, he has his slaves and censer bearers, we don't calculate points.

He was a bit sad afterwards, losing his trusted abominations early on really hurt, but we managed to discover many of the rule changes during the game so as a learning experience I think it was OK. Skaven infantry rarely overpowers warriors of chaos, so I think it was on the monsters to win this game for skaven. Destroying the plaque furnace with two shots from the cannon helped immensely too.

Next game against my regular opponent, I heard he didn't rush quite so boldly with his monsters, and they managed a much more balanced game (they were both rolling dice in the last turn at least :D ). Not a total waste then.

Shadow magic was brutal after his high level wizard was down, with statline of ones and twos, skaven just can't do anything. Rats were quite vulnerable to sniping with lore of death too, he just managed to dispell just about every spell the death-sorc threw at him (for a good reason).

It has been a couple of days since the game was played, sorry about missing a few details here or there. A report of a more recent game against daemons of chaos is coming.

15-07-2010, 14:18
Awww... poor abominations ;)

All the new lores are very good but once you start changing stats and killing characters it can become insanely good.

Thanks for the report :)

15-07-2010, 15:18
Great report I really enjoyed reading it. Wow sorry but reading the lists I was putting my money on the Skaven. But you did a great job of dealing with 2 :o Abominations! And you did very well with such a balanaced lists where he was using a pretty cheesy one.

15-07-2010, 15:57
Hey, thanks. :) I think the main reason I won was that I got to fight his army piece by piece (only the large targets and warmachines did anything on turns 1-3), with such a small force it really helps when the opponent divides his force too like that. In the tournament I wrote this list for, I faced a skaven army on the last round and though it had only one abomination, I had no chance against the concerted efforts of the whole host of rats.

I know nobody asked me, but the daemon-report is here:
I had the same list I had against skaven (used the same tournament list I had packed to the case, because I'm lazy and it worked so fine before): lv 4 shadow-sorc with 4+ ward and puppet, lv2 death sorc, bsb with 3+ ward, throgg, 17+16 warriors, 38 marauders, 6 trolls and hellcannon+dogs. He had:
Keeper of secrets: lv3 (phantasmagoria or something, the AOE spell, and the magic missile that just keeps going), rerolls to wound, ld test or don't attack-thingy
herald of slaanesh: bsb, -2 ld banner
herald of slaanesh: ??
herald of tz: master of sorcery: life

20 horrors
~20 daemonettes
5 seekers
5 furys
5 flamers with pyrocaster
4+1 fiends
Not too many units there either (he had a pure slaanesh army in 7ed, this is basically is whole collection of daemons save for a herald on a steed)

From his right corner (my left) the terrain was: a hill, an impassable house (almost middle field so it mattered) and on my side a big forrest right after my deployment zone, and other forrest&impassable house on the other side (not important)

Again, this was a tryout battle to see, if 8ed was as flawed he had heard or was it fun as ever, so we tried to focus on the rules more than the scenario. So, a bare-bones pitched battle (with wild forests!) yet again. I'll ask for a random scenario next time! :D

He had a themed deployment he lamented right after he finished doing it, though it did look kinda bad for me too.

From my right he had: 4 fiends, KoS, daemonettes, furys, 1 fiend, seekers, on the other side of the house he had flamers and horrors with the herald. Daemonettes had both his slaanesh heralds in there of course. I left my right flank kinda open because of the forest that divided my lines, hellcannon took the right flank alone, and after the forest, in the middle of the board I lined: marauders, mot warriors, mok warriors, dogs and trolls, all characters started in mot warriors but they changed quickly to mok as the battle developed and mot had actually chance to get into CC (BSB of course stayed in mot warriors).

According to him, his deployment was bad because his general was far off to the flank and he had nothing to take my warriors on, I thought I failed as my trolls had only 5 warhounds to protect them against 5 flamers (flaming bolts) and horrors (flaming magic missiles). Both of us turned out to be wrong in the end.

He got the first turn, KoS ran forward and others followed suit, in the magic phase I failed to dispell phantasmagoria, so LD tests on 3d6 for the following turn (I have lots of LD tests to take for a woc army, 1 stupid unit, 1 hellcannon and 2 frenzy units!). Luckily his flamers couldn't hit anything and my trolls were safe.

My turn, hellcannon rampages into KoS (I was kinda fearing a siren song here but it didn't come, yet at least), marauders failed their frenzy and as KoS was 15" away they had to roll, 14" wasn't enough and they stumbled into a abyssal forest or something (the d6 s4 hits-version). Of course, trolls were stupid too and shambled a total of 2" forward. Now, I could fix my deployment mistake and move the dogs so they actually screened my trolls (I had deployed them _next_ to trolls, not in front of them. Silly me), and move warriors forward doing the character switch I mentioned. I manage to get some death spells through, killing the herald of slaanesh (bsb!) in the process. Nice. In combat, hellcannon takes 3 wounds but deals one back.

His turn, more shufling and taking positions, fiends move next to KoS to protect the flanks of his daemonettes, furys move in front of marauders and the 1 fiend comes in front of MoK warriors. Magic isn't too bad, I might have spent a scroll this turn to prevent phantasmagoria or something. KoS does one wound to cannon and the fight continues. On the other flank flamers decide to shoot mok warriors instead, blaster banner proves itself once again.

My turn 2, marauders charge his furys as the overrun would take them to the flank of his daemonettes. To capitalize this, my mot warriors with just bsb charge the same daemonettes to the front. It was a long charge but they made it. On the other flank, warhounds continue to push forward with the trolls behind them, not long now for a charge... Magic doesn't do anything important, he dispells my tries to hex his flamers with miasma or lower the str of KoS, herald of TZ survives the caress of laniph. KoS finally destroys the hellcannon, marauders unsurprisingly beat the furies but do not roll high enough for the overrun so present their flank to kos and 4 fiends. Well done boys! On the other hand, mot warriors beat daemonettes easily, T4 and 3/5+ saves are just too much for s3 t3 troops. They do hold though, only couple more being banished.

His turn 3, KoS and fiends charge marauders who can't but to hold. The single fiend keeps running around in circles and he can't find anything on the field that seekers dared to charge (I think he fears using them too much, they would have brought +2CR and some kills by flank charging, but they didn't do anything in this game but move around). Flamers shuffle some more and take the herald with them, horrors back off a bit. I might have tried large pit of shades on them some time but it scattered, a lot. I focus my dispelling attempts to two spells here, fireball from the horrors at my trolls, and +2 toughness for daemonettes. He manages to get phantasmagoria off with his 2 remaining dice, I had counted on him not to. Oh well, we'll just have to win then, right? Now, I can't understand his target priority with the flamers, he lamented the to hit modifiers my warhounds inflicted upon the supposedly already unaccurate flamers , so he decided to shoot MoK warriors again instead of say, the warhounds? The shooting didn't do much, obviously. To the main event! KoS has finally engaged to something that it can thunderstomp on, and proceeds to kill 7+5 marauders (he didn't by the way roll a single thunderstomp that wasn't 4 or better, and only once did he roll that 4!), with fiends helping it, I had barely 3 ranks left, they didn't do anything back, but managed to hold due to BSB. Combat reform proved too hard a maneuvre though :/ MoT warriors win again, this time BSB was in challenge with his herald but couldn't kill it. Armour of destiny kept him safe though.

My turn 3, warhounds charge his flamers and his herald, trolls charge the horror block (woot, trolls got into CC against 2 units of flaming attacks), lv2 sorc moves off the unit of warriors and they advance a bit, sensing trouble from the marauders. My spellcasting achieves nothing, throgg beats the horror champion and ~7 more horrors die to our attacks, horrors manage to kill one whole troll before though. Damn those flaming attacks, now they're beginning to hurt. Dogs wound his herald once, 3 of them die but with throgg right next to them they hold. BSB kills the herald, gaining stubborn and another 4+ ward for his troubles, a lot of daemonettes die too, only the front rank remains. After KoS and fiends are done with them, only 3 marauders remain. The only marauder in contact manages to wound KoS even though his courage failed him! Of course, marauders break, but manage to escape. No matter, I don't make the 1-1 I need so I'll remove them. KoS stays put, fiends move forward to approach the flank of my warriors (I should have turned the unit a bit more, damn those marauders because they couldn't all die).

His turn 4, KoS charges to the front and fiends to the flank, I dispell +2 toughness again. KoS slashes and thunderstomps 8 wounds to my sorc lord in a challenge, 2+ save (so 6+) and his 4+ ward save mean only one wound gets through. Fiends kill a few warriors, the combat ends in a draw. Daemonettes are done, MoT warriors reform to threaten the flank of the fiends. Throgg unleashes his breath weapon, hitting 6 and killing 2, rest of the attacks kill a lot of them and they vanish. A reform later, the flamers find themselves in a tight spot. Dogs died of course, making way for the trolls :D

My turn 4, mot warriors flank his fiends, trolls charge flamers from just inside their S&S range so were safe again. This time, my sorc lord takes full wounds from the KoS and a fiend dies, my units hold. Flamers lose a couple of them, I lose one troll.

His turn 5, KoS kills my MoK champion horribly (sorc lord had a 4+ ward save so I presented him to the challenge), I manage to get a perfect result against the surviving one fiend (2 wounds, third would have killed it and taken away my flank bonus, banner and ranks!), we hold. The flamers all die, and he fails his LD test by one. Thanks to dogs and their one wound at the herald, the daemon dies and trolls are free to perform another reform, giving them los to his seekers.

My turn 5, trolls charge and kill his seekers, my escaped death sorc kills his solo fiend with caress of laniph (I think he should have charged it too into CC at some point, for +3CR and wounds), mot warriors kill the last fiend and KoS kills the BSB.

His turn 6, KoS kills the rest of MoK warriors, mot warriors do not panic.

My turn 6, I do not charge KoS with mot warriors, I force caress of laniph through but it does nothing, end of game. I had death sorc and mot warriors, throgg and trolls, he had just KoS. I lose by 180 points or so due to banners and general/BSB points the KoS held. So a minor victory for daemons (11-9 by our tournament point system). Trolls rampaged through the whole right flank, while KoS did the same on the left flank. Lots of dice rolling, lots of fun, not much magical moments although killing the BSB with caress of laniph was great and phantasmagoria forced my hand on turn 1. Thank you for reading this far, sorry for the wall of text.

15-07-2010, 16:04
You did a lot better in the game against deamons than I thought you would.

The mark of tzeentch really does make the parry bonus solid, and str 3 attacks just didn't stand a chance.

The greater deamon was still a monster though, but I guess that's to be expected ;) Did she actually pay to get reroll to hit? Because most likely the KoS would have it for free since it has ASF and init 10.

Last turn really saved the day for you as well as far as points go.

15-07-2010, 16:16
Thank you, I think :D

Yes, he did pay for the rerolls and he realised the mistake when he deployed the thing :D Didn't help me though, ASF attacks and IN 10 or something thunderstomps just do not leave much of a chance in combat against KoS. Except for mindrazored troops (high enough str) or marauders from the front, but I had so many characters there never was a chance to strike it. OTOH, if I didn't have a challenge going on all the time, it would have destroyed half a regiment each turn :o

The last turn when something happens you mean, turn five? Yes, it was great when points are considered. I'm really proud for my trolls there. Though as I mentioned, his failure in target priority failed him on that flank.

Apparently you people can make out what happens each turn, or do these reports desperately need ms paint pictures for deployment and such? I do not usually bring a camera to a game as my army is often the only one painted ( :D ) so I'm relying on memory mainly here. This game was yesterday so I almost remembered the game from turn to turn.

Do not ask me to tell about the game against O&G just after the one with skaven, let's just say it was full NG army, at turn 2 or 3 we engaged front to front and WoC>NG on every aspect when in close combat. Netters helped and screaming sword-warlord killed my sorc lord, but in the end he had only 3 warmachines and I had lost only dogs and the lord. Panic is a great tool and goblins have lame statlines.

15-07-2010, 16:19
Report is clear to me. Pictures would be nice but not needed.

But if the only thing that is stopping you is that your opponet's army isn't painted then don't worry about that. Painted or not the pictures are always nice and it would be fun to see your army :)

15-07-2010, 20:10
Wow that KoS did a number on you didnt it!?

15-07-2010, 20:15
Well, if you count the points it racked up (1400 or so) then yes, you could say that :D My sorcerer lord did stop it for a turn with a huge streak of luck, and marauders just piled on it to slow it down a tiny bit, but in the end nothing can keep KoS down. That thing is a beast.

15-07-2010, 23:18
Besides a cannon shot or 2...

19-07-2010, 19:48
good reps, really enjoyed them. especially the insight on how a player facing daemons thinks and prioritizes. i agree with the others tho, pictures would be great especially in such close games. keep up the good work!