View Full Version : Lord on Dragon?

Corum Jhaelen Irsei
15-07-2010, 11:49
Hi, the Wood elf dragon says it counts as a hero choice (only the highborn can ride it however)

So this means that the dragon's points do not count towards the limit of the Lord %?

e.g. I could use in a 2000 pts list both:

a Spellweaver (300 pts counting as a lord percentage)
a highborn (200 pts counting as a lord percentage) on dragon (320 pts counting as a hero percentage)
in a 2000 pts list?

Ultimate Life Form
15-07-2010, 11:56
Please read the FAQ.

Corum Jhaelen Irsei
15-07-2010, 11:59
thx! had missed that :(