View Full Version : Anyone from the Midlands up for a game?

15-07-2010, 16:09
Sorry if this is the wrong area (please move if so) but I couldn't see the right place.

I was wondering if anyone from the West Midlands (UK) is up for a game? I like playing a pool of people around 20+ and love meeting more. I can drive and I have a board of my own so people can come to my place if needed and I have multiple armies so always different battles.

So, anyone fancy a game? :D:D:cool:

Necron Lord Omega
17-07-2010, 14:44
Theres a nice club in Ladywood you could goto.

17-07-2010, 14:50
And a good club in Sutton Coldfield, The Immortals, meets on Thursday, details are usually in white dwarf.

I would put myself forward but I am off on a long holiday and live an unpredictable life that most opponents find deeply frustrating. ;)

17-07-2010, 18:15
I can't really go to gaming clubs due inconveinted times. They end early and I have to go home from work and then back game. Both the clubs you have both mentioned are in the week.