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15-07-2010, 16:25
The rules:

-ASF and ASL cancel each other out
-ASF vs ASF cancel each other out


Dark elve executioners joined by hag with ASF banner, charges by great weapon holding grave guard that have been vanheled to have ASF.

Now do the ASFs cancel the ASL and then you go but initiative (executioners strike first), or do the ASF cancel the ASF and so since both still have ASL (both strike at the same time).

The way the current FAQs have been written I'm guessing who evers turn it is gets to decide the order, but is there an offical rule anywhere that states what should be done?

Lord Zarkov
15-07-2010, 16:31
I would reason that ASF v ASL resolves first as this would resolve the moment that the model has both rules (and thus void ASF), whereas ASF v ASF would only need resolving when the models actually come to fight - by which point ASL v ASF will already have cancelled each other out.

15-07-2010, 16:46
ASF vs ASF doesn't "cancel out"

ASF vs ASF goes simultaneously - neither side gets rerolls regardless of init.

In your situation.. assuming the grave guard do not have great weapons - they should strike before your executioners who effectively.. do not have ASF.

EDIT: Apparently I cant read... if both sides have GW's I would go in initiative order personally.

~ zilla

15-07-2010, 17:22
I would go by Init. ASF+ASL came first. Meaning the DE's strike at initiative before the combat began. The GG have ASL prior to combat(during movement). During magic the GG gain ASF, ASF+ASL = init.