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Thane McHammer
28-02-2006, 12:06
The clouds were the colour of bruises, purple-green, and with a silent groan let loose a light rain. The water hissed at is came into contact with the fires that burned thoughout the city, raising great clouds of steam, mingling with the smoke. The gutters overflowed with sewage as the rains increased, sweaping away the gore from the days past, literal rivers of blood. The rain did little to hide the screams though, the cries of those unfortunate enough to have been wounded in the inital attack, unfortunate enough to not have the sense of mind not to cry out, the screams of those that were unfortunate enough to have been found by their assailants.

Trevon City, captial of Trevon V, was under attack. The entire planet was. Huge swaths of grain fields blazed thanks to the orbital bombardments, but the cities were relativly untouched.

Virgin targets.

Innocent...pure...uncorrupted. Or they had been. When the attackers came, the planetarty defences,woefully unprepared, had fallen quicky. Then the cities, as they landed their ships, drop pods falling from the sky like perverse raindrops. In an orgy of violence, they fell upon the population, sating their needs and shouting praise to their fel gods as they quenched their thirst with blood and tears.

4 days. In 4 days, over 9 million died. 9 million souls cast into the Warp, to be devoured by daemons or worse. No one knew how many were left, but, there were survivors. Those that had not been found. Those that had been smart enough to hide. They began to congregate, strangers before, now forced together in a desperate attempt to hold onto their lives.

Beneath a ruined bridge, they came together...but will they survive?

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28-02-2006, 19:20
Rik collapsed into a heap upon reaching the bridge, he had been running a hours and his legs were numb, his clothes were drenched in rain and blood, he rose breathless and sat against the bridge. He searched for his flask and haphazardly twisted the top off to only a small portion of what once was in their. he took a few small sips and returned the flask to his belt.

He ripped off another section of his sleeve to re-dress his wound, he winced as he unvieled the bloodied mess or sinews and bone and again when he was finished.

As lightning flashed he jumped, and quickly surveyed the gloom around him while trying to comfort.
' The guard wont lose this world, you'll see, soon enough things will be back to normal and the terror of this attack will fade with time.'
It was no use, that nagging feeling in the back of his head kept reminding him of the reality or the situation; this world was lost, there was no hope, it was useless, he would be head before the night was through.

And so he sat in the darkness, consumed in his thoughts, and waited. He didn't know what for but it was better than running into those monsters out there.

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28-02-2006, 20:49
Season 2, episode 14. That was the first time I ever saw a Space Marine. An Ultramarine it was. Tall, taller even than Captain Jack, and so regal looking. An honourable man, however much he wanted to stop Captain Jack rescuing Commissar Lucille from the Heretics. Said it was pointless, they were commiting Exterminatus on the planet, Jack would never get out in time.

Jack showed them though. Rescued Lucille as well as the Ecclesiarch, who happened to be there on a secret inspection. That would have made the Marines look all manner of silly. That Space Marine wasnt so bad.

These...whatever they were, that came from the skies like lightning...they looked like a Space Marine...only not. The Ultramarine was clean, and noble, and covered with litanies. These...twisted parodies, they were all pink and studded and...horrible. They did horrible things.

Hugos mind wouldn't let him remember what he'd seen. He had been followed by the invaders for a time, and he was sure they were just playing with him, and he had run, so so far and so fast, he didnt know where he was going. But they had stopped. He didnt know why. Maybe they had been distracted by other...amusements.

Seeing a bridge in the distance, Hugo made for it. As he neared however, his eyes caught movement, and so he stopped, and snuck closer under the cover of some rubble. There was a human, who looked to be binding some wounds and talking to himself, though Hugo couldnt make out what he was saying. Taking a deep breath, Hugo stepped from behind the cover, and walked slowly towards the dude under the bridge. His sledge held loosely in his hand.

"Uh...hey there." he called out when he was close enough to avoid yelling.

28-02-2006, 21:37
'Uh...hey there.'

Before Rik even looked up his hand was scouring the ground looking for something to defend himself with, he latched onto an old rusty pipe, and shot to his feet. A little too fast as he began to black out and dropped the pipe infront of him, he fell to his knees and shook his head trying to focus his vision upon his assaliant.

After a few moments his sight regained its focus and he saw standing in front of him a rather big bulk of shadow. Then he remembered the pipe and placed his left hand on it.

"Can I help you?"

28-02-2006, 22:44
Seth stayed still so far the others hadn't see him.

Most of these people had a shower the day before the invasion. Seth hadn;t had one since 4 years before the invasion. He had covered his body with raw meat some of the meat could be human but he didn't know. when it got blown up by a frag grenade it all looks the same

Seth held his knife in his hand incase they came over to him.

he didn't know who this people were and what they wanted. If they just left he would contuine on his way deeper into the wilderness were there was no people and if its just him no one would want to bother him.

until then he would just study this new people. had been a while since he had seen city folk.

28-02-2006, 23:11
Scott catiously walked through ruined buildings, using IG urban combat techniques his father and brothers taught him when they came home on leave.

He was feeling a mixture of emotions, not knowing what one to feel the most at that moment. Sorrow for the loss of his family and his entire life, or anger for joining up to late to join them.

He held his fathers laspistol out in front of him ready to take on whatever the invaders threw at him.
Scott came to a bridge. He heard voices. He silently moved towards them. It was dark so he didn't see clearly who they were. He came up close, still not heard. One person had his back to him. He straightened out his Imperial guard issue uniform jacket and lept out from behind a wall.

"Don't move!" He shouted, working hard to keep his voice from failing him. He pointed his laspistol at the nearest figure. If they were enemy sympathisers he would shoot them on the spot.

"Who are you?" He asked, keeping the laspistol pointed at them from five yards away.

28-02-2006, 23:24
This is when it was hard

Seth's heart was raceing but he had to keep his breathly slow. he didn't want to blow his cover. He was supposed to be a dead body. and it looked like some one might be joining him sooner then later

01-03-2006, 00:53
Everything was happening at once. Hugo was busy trying not to laugh at the dudes utterly bizarre choice of language, given all that had happened in the last few hours, when someone behind him yells out.

Needless to say, Hugo jumps about a foot in the air at the noise, and turns to look at the yeller. "Nice one dumbars..." His voice trails off when he sees the laspistol. "Uh...I mean, you want them to hear us? Drawing attention isnt such a good idea right now."

01-03-2006, 03:24
Leon moved quickly through the night, the fires of the city turning the sky a dark red.

"How did these heretics manage to penetrate the defenses of this planet?" He thought to himself.
"I suppose it doesn't matter, the Emperor's retribution will come swiftly, at least, I hope it does."

Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice the large trench ahead of him & tumbled down the side. Dazed from the impact he keeps rolling till he hits something. The something stumbles & topples over, red flashes cutting through Leon's vision, the sound of a las weapon in his ears.

He lies there, dazed & winded, his pristine robes shredded & cuts & grazes all over. To his side he sees the something, dressed in what appears to be a military uniform, but he can't be sure, everythings doubled. His eyes close as he drifts into unconsciousness.

01-03-2006, 03:52
Silvana finished her morning prayers, the world may be as good as lost but the Emperor would not let it stay like this for long, she just knew there would already be a fleet on the way to reclaim the world or so she hoped.

She walked silently through the remains of what once have been some small temple, the statue of some unknown saint, she didnt recognise him probably because of it was missing its head. She quickly turned her back and walked out.

.. Was that voices? She walked closer to where the sounds were coming from, she stood on top of a bridge, the voices seemed close, was her mind playing tricks on her? No, it couldnt be.. Could it..

01-03-2006, 09:59
Santiago Varnyan slowly made his way across the countryside, praying to the Emperor for aid. Needing shelter, he started heading towards a bridge marked upon one of the maps on his Data-Slate.

The events of the recent past kept flashing through Santiago's mind. He had been preparing to head off to the Ecclesiarchal Cathedral when the first reports of the attack were broadcast. Not knowing what to do, Santiago had given in to his fear and panicked. Gathering what supplies he could, he had fled from the city. Fled just in time to stay alive.

By the Holy Throne, how he hated himself for his weakness! A true servant of the Emperor would have fought, no matter the odds!

Santiago froze upon catching sight of the bridge. There was someone there! He could see someone standing atop the bridge, although he could not tell whether it was friend or foe at this distance.

Santiago made a decision and started onward. He would not give in to his fear this time...

01-03-2006, 11:25
Aren was just returning to the meager area of sewerage piping he had made home exploded spectacularly, throwing him back the way he had come.
someone'll come to find out what they blew up soon, he thought to himself.
They always do don't they. You should run now before they get here.
Just what I was thinking. Time to go.

He quickly gathered those of his meager possessions that weren't destroyed, then started along the sewer system. He didn't particularly pay attention to where he walked, he never did. He would finish up were he would.
It came as some surprise when,a short time later, he came to a grate leading into the river. From beyond he could hear voices of several people.
We should go, they might not be friendly
But what if they are? They could help us.
Are you willing to bet our life that they're not going to kill us on sight?
Lets just wait & see what happens, alright?
You'll never hear the end of it if you get us killed
Carefully he crept closer to the grate to try and hear what was being said.

01-03-2006, 14:40
A small smirk wove across Rik's face when the large man jumped in the air at the suprise of another traveller. Upon the realisation that these men weren't a real threat, at least not when those marines were still out there, Rik relaxed his grip on the pipe.

He rose slowly, using the pipe as a prop, trying not to lose his balance and greater agrivate his fragile shell of a body.

"Look here, we're not the enemy, those 8ft monsters are the ones you should be pointing your gun at. I can't speak for my large friend here but I'm guessing we're all in the same boat so hows about you put the gun away and we can get to know one and other."

Rik watched their faces carefully, they appeared to be in the similar situation as himself, he could tell from their eyes, they were filled with confusion and fear but there was something else, something he couldn't put his finger on, running from those blasted marines.

"Ok then, I'll start, I'm Rik Tallan and I used to be with the planatery defense force." He winced as he leaned against the bridge.

"Who's next?"

01-03-2006, 15:54
Gabriel had heard the voices coming from the direction of a bridge up ahead, he walked towards it cautiously, they were definatly human. The sight of a female on top of the bridge sealed it for him. He stood up and dusted his suit down, he had to look respectable afterall. He got close enough to see the woman, it was a priestess or whatever they called themselves. He decided to introduce himself anyway. "Hello, I'm Gabriel... may I ask your name please?"

01-03-2006, 22:52
Aren leaned on the grate, trying to stretch his hearing out so he could listen in on these people talking. But he pushed against it too hard, and the unsecured grating fell away. With a cry he fell forward, landing hard on the ground, which felt soft beneath him. At first he thought he'd landed ona dead body, but the body moved slightly and muttered, "get the frak off me!" He leapt away, What is that?
Who is more approrpriate. Don't be rude, say hello.
H elooked at the pile of flesh, "he.. hello?" he tried, his voice sounded strange to his ears, how long since he'd used it now?

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01-03-2006, 23:46
damit go figure some idot had to land on him and blow his cover. he had to think fast. quickly pulling the knife out he held it front of him with his back to the wall he wasn't about to get droped in on again.

He held the knife at his side so that it could be seen but not so as to be in a threatening manner.

"listen I just want to be left alone I've made it this long with out any of you and Im not gonna need you"

just queilty back away form them just like the rock viper. no quick movements you don;t want to appear to be a theart.

"so I'll just be leaveing you all to your little party"

02-03-2006, 10:00
Slowly Leon stirred from the blackness. Stars still danced across his eyes & his body tingled all over. He rose to his feet & looked around him. All around were other figures, blurry & indistict Leon thought they could be the cursed heretics & leapt backwards. Having only just risen from unconsciousness, his body wasn't ready for such an act & his legs crumpled under him.

Paralyzed by fear, he stared at the figures as they came into focus. He now saw that these were no fell heretics & was a little comforted. The man closest to him wore a guardsman's uinform & was aiming a laspistol at the others. Obviously he hadn't noticed Leon falling down the ditch. Leon composed himself & rose to his feet, standing as tall as he could, chin raised & a dour expression on his face.

"Brother Guardsman, put down your weapon.
I am Leon Hariban, humble servant of His Almighty, Our Lord Emperor & the Ecclesiarchy.
This planet is under seige by the most foul traitors & heretics in all of the Imperium & you would do well to not kill the only people who can help you survive until His divine warriors get here.
I command you, guardsman, lay down your arms, lest the Emperor's wrath fall upon you."

02-03-2006, 11:22
It had been three days since he'd seen another survivor. The only thought in the Adept's mind was to GET OUT. Evacuate. Run, as far and as fast as possible. He'd hid in the scholam for a while, when the monsters had come, but that probably hadn't been such a good idea, especially when the monster warriors had decided to use the place to store prisoners.
The things he'd seen. Klaus Vanis had seen things done to loyal servants of the Emperor that he simply didn't have the words to describe. The lucky ones had died after being tortured for a few days. The unlucky ones....
"Blessed Omnissiah, God-Titan of Mars, vouchsafe me." he whispered, his hands shaking as he ran.. "Let me forget this. Let me wake up and find this is a sleep cycle..."
Klaus couldn't bear to think of the unlucky ones. The monsters, the great armored giants had called on some sort of xenos concubines that had materialised from thin air.... And then.... Klaus' internal cogitator buzzed at him as is hit a memory block he'd put in. Some things were better forgotten, or at least not remembered.
Up ahead, under a bridge, he heard voices. They didn't sound like the harsh shouts of the monster warriors, or the high pitched whistle of the alien woman things... They sounded human. They sounded scared. Klaus tried to be quiet as he crept up to the top of the bridge, and peered over. Unfortunately, part of the masonry gave way under him, and he fell in an undignified heap in front of several humans.

02-03-2006, 11:34
Aren slowly backed away from the... man? beast? thing?
Doesn't matter, he has a knife. Get away.[I]
[I]We have a sword.
We don't want to fight, just back away.
Aren did what the voice said, keeping his hands out and moving slowly, "So.. Sorry," he stuttered. "Very bad of us." He continued to back away.
Something heavy crashed down right behind him, and Aren lept into the air with a cry. The knife holder was looking less and less dangerous in the face of these others.

02-03-2006, 12:19
Us? what was this guy talking about very bad of us? he looked at the man he didn't seem to be a threat or at least not one to him.

"whats your name?"

this guy was the frist he had ever seen that might have been in the situation as him.

02-03-2006, 18:01
Holden jogged towards the nearest possible shelter, a ruined bridge, it appeared to be.He stooped when he heard voices and dropped to the ground. He crawled forwards, and saw a guardsman waving a laspistol round. And, and a priest? he gradually go to his feet and called softly, but not too softly, "Hello. Don't shoot."

02-03-2006, 19:14
Scott A little startled by the sudden apperance of a lot of people. He kept his laspistol raised but when he he heard a voice to the right of him he swung round. He saw the robes of an imperial preacher. The voice of a man called Leon. It reassured him the a member of the Ecclesiarchy survived the attack.

"I am sorry." Scott said to the man called Leon, but said it loud enough so that the others could hear.

"I was just a bit startled...I didn't exepect anyone to be alive." A flash of memories streaked across his mind. Watching his friends get cut down beside him. It brought an anger up inside him. He would get revnege. Scott put his Laspistol away and apologised to the group of people that had formed.

"How did you all get out?" Scott asked, curious about how anyone else managed to escape.

02-03-2006, 22:58
"what's your name?" asked the skin-man.
Name? Do we have a name?
Of course we do. Just tell him.
"Umm... A... Aren." He managed, looking slightly surprised at the name. But he continued on, "you? what are you called."

02-03-2006, 23:22
"Im seth"

He turned to the other man keeping his back on the wall. he didn;t know any of these people.

"I haven;t been near civilzation in years I couldn;t tell you even who the imperial govaner was"

"Then the drop pods came form the sky i knew something was up so i came back to this hell hole and well look what i found"

most of that was the truth he just left out a few things.

03-03-2006, 07:43
"I am Adept-Minorus Klaus Vanis of the Holy Orders of Mars." Klaus said, picking himself up and staring at the men. Several civilians, formerly homeless from the look of them, though Klaus reminded himself that they were all homeless now, a bedraggled looking guardsman and a member of the church of the God-Emperor On Earth. "I.. I was in the scholam in the city when the monsters came. I don't know how they missed me...The Imperial Govorner is Lord Alexandros Duclare. His dynasty has held for four hundred and sixty years" Facts. Yes. Facts were comforting. Solid. They always held. He looked at the preacher, and flopped down against the side of the ditch. "Our Emperor watches over us, yes? He will save his loyal servants?"

03-03-2006, 10:05
Leon turned to face this new presence. A member of the machine cult by the looks of it.

"Yes, the Emperor watches over us & shall protect his flock from the dread wolves of Chaos. Soon these cursed traitors will be banished from His sight & if you devote yourself completely to Him, then your soul shall never leave his side. "

Now Leon faced the two shadowy figures he heard speaking against the wall. Hidden in the shadows, they were very suspicious & Leon did not trust them. After all, what honourable lamb of the Emperor would hide in the shadows away from the rest of the flock? He raised his hand & pointed accusingly at them.

"You two, the one in tattered rags & the other covered in... flesh? Are you both loyal devotees & servants of Our Immortal God-Emperor? Or are you heretics & cultists, blights on the Imperium & all that is His? Speak, lest I assume the latter & order this guardsman to execute you right now."

03-03-2006, 10:12
What is the Imperium? And who is this God-Emperor? Did he order our home destroyed?
It doesn't matter, say we're loyal or the man with the gun will kill us.
"Yes, we are loyal." He stopped, searching for words. "We are not a her-a-tic." Aren paused again, as if considering whether it was a good idea to continue, "what is a 'Blight?'"

03-03-2006, 11:38
Darius looked through his makeshift binoculars and saw that a few hundred meters away a few others were gathering under a bridge, well if they were alive, then he wanted to be with them. Slowly making his way through the city, was on top of the bridge before he knew it, and quickly slide down a cable to land in the middle of the group, obviously they werent expecting someone to drop in like this.
"hey fella's hope you dont mind some company" he said with a huge grin on his face.

03-03-2006, 12:27
"I am what I am nothing more nothing less"

Seth had to choose his words carefully. He wasn't gonna say he was something he wasn't.

"I may not think that the empoer helps out in our daily lives. For if he did why would things like this happen? Im not trying to say that the Empoer doesn't exist but im not so sure that he does"

He either was gonna get killed or accepted.

"and would the guardsmen kill some one that know how to live for years with no outside contact. I can tell you that your not gonna have any modern comforts out here. If you can do that kill a unarmed man because of course"

Seth dropped the knife to the ground

"because of coruse that would be so honorable and righteous" Seth had a sly smirk on his face. he may not have the gun but he felt in charge

03-03-2006, 16:18
"W-well I was skiving school... I was bumming around in the retail centre. I Heard the drop pods. Saw them as well of course... And well... I ran for the hills." Holden dropped his head. "My name's Holden Nake."

04-03-2006, 04:00
When Darius dropped down from the ceiling, from the same way he'd came, Klaus screamed, and jumped back behind the Preacher. It took a few moments for him to compose himself and reassure himself that the man wasn't one of the monsters. Unable to look him in the face, he looked at Holden instead.
"You are the first student I have seen since the monsters came... Perhaps you should not be ashamed for cutting, though it is a sin. It has preserved you for the Emperor's Work today." Klaus said. His neural systems automatically linked into the data slate in his pocket, and called up the boys record. It wasn't good, unsurprisingly. Still, that was immaterial now. "Perhaps I will not register your disobedience with the administratum...."
He laughed, but only because laughter was the only thing staving off the panic he'd felt since the monsters came.
He turned away from Holden and looked over at Seth. "Please don't blaspheme. The Emperor will save us. Perhaps he relies on his loyal servants to survive day to day, but he must save us now, yes?"

04-03-2006, 04:06
Silvana glanced at the aproaching man, she heard him call out a greeting and extend his hand, she sighed slightly and returned the greeting, "Silvana, hospitaller of the adeptus sororitas", as an after thought to her training she added "is anyone injured around here?"

04-03-2006, 05:37
"Hersey to you but the truth for me"

Seth needed to make his point here and now. though it might kill him now it would be better then if they found out later.

04-03-2006, 14:19
Leon studied the two. The one in rags was honest, if a little simple. Given the proper direction he could become a loyal servant of the God-Emperor.

The one in flesh, on the other hand, was obviously a traitor & blasphemer. He even had the nerve to smile as he questioned the existence & power of the Emperor! Heresy & treachery such as this could not be tolerated.

"Listen now, heretic. In this time there is no honour or righteousness save that in the Emperor's name. All heretics must be punished for their heresies, man, woman...or child. It doesn't matter wether you are unarmed or not, you are a heretic, a traitor & as such I have decided that to stop any chance of your heresies spreading to the other survivors you must be killed," Leon said coldly & without remorse.

He turned to face the guardsman.
"Brother Guardsmen, as a member of the Ecclesiarchy I command you to execute this heretic for his crimes in the name of our God-Emperor on Holy Terra."

04-03-2006, 15:39
"sound more like you excute me in the fear of your own ignorance, Fear of the truth"

Seth was about to die but he couldn't stop smileing

04-03-2006, 18:23
Holden took a step back. these guys were psychos! talk about trigger happy! He tried to step in,
"Guys, guys. I don't really think there's much point in this. For all we know we could be the only survivors from the city. It won't help us killing each other."

04-03-2006, 22:51
Scott took out his laspistol and pointed it at the man called Seth. Scott wasen't sure why he did, maybe he wanted to hear someone in control again, a member of the Ecclesiarchy or anyone.
Scott looked down the barrel of his laspistol at Seth. He was smiling. Something about his dirty and unshaven apperance made the anger well up inside of him. His finger tightened on the trigger. He could feel Leon's eyes and everyone elses burn into him.

Scott was about to squeeze when sombody spoke up:

"Guys, guys. I don't really think there's much point in this. For all we know we could be the only survivors from the city. It won't help us killing each other." Something in Scott disarmed. The anger left his body. Holden was right. Scott was going to kill Seth out of fear. Fear of their discovery, fear of what happened, fear of what was going to happen.

But Scott wasn't going to let fear stop him from figting this time. He wanted to strike back at the invaders, and to do that he needed as many people as possible.

Scott lowered his laspistol. He turned to Leon.

"I'm sorry...I can't" Scott couldn't. Scott couldn't justify the death of anyone else. Too many had died already. It pained Scott to go against the Ecclesiarchy and Seth had commited a crime against the Emperor, but Scott couldn't let anyone else die.

He turned to Leon, "I apologise for my weakness, but I will not allow anyone else to die." Scott prayed for forgivness from the emperor.

05-03-2006, 01:47
Leon stared at the Guardsman, at first shocked, then slowly his face twisted with fury.

"You spineless little worm, I am a representative of His Divine Will! If I tell you to do something I tell you to do it in the name of the Emperor! If you do not kill this heretic then you are guilty of the same crimes as he!" Leon yelled through clenched teeth.

Leon turned to look at all the others staring at this spectacle.

"Is there noone here who would do their duty to the God-Emperor & kill thess heretics?! If none of you have got the courage to do it then you can at least give me a weapon. You, up on the bridge, sister. You are surely in agreement with me that these heretics must be killed? And you of the machine cult, you worship the Emperor, do you not agree with me?

05-03-2006, 04:32
Seth walked towards the preist
"what made you a Representative of him? did he come to this small backwater planet and place his hand on your head!"

"your no Inquistor my friend. Yes you may be ingroant and a *****, but you are a friend."

Seth pulled out his blade and quickly spun it in his hand coutineing to twirl it in his hand with his fingers.

"and I want you to stay my friend but If you get some one to try to kill me again you won't be any more"

he then grabed the blade in his hand tightly

"other wise this blade won't be clean any more"

Seth then quickly turned around and walked out form under the bridge

"we should get away form any civilzation there gonna be checking those places frist"

Seth was haveing to much fun

05-03-2006, 06:48
Leon wheeled around to face the heretic again.

"A friend?! You, a friend?!" Leon laughed out loud in a moking tone.

"I would rather surrender myself to 1000 years of torture by a xenos Haemonculus then be your friend. If noone here will kill you & your traitorous friends then I shall have to leave you & form my own camp. I hope you die a long & painful death at the hands of the traitor Astartes, then suffer endlessly in the warp afterwards."

Leon again turned to adress the whole group.

"All of those here loyal to our Immortal God-Emperor come with me, we are leaving these deviants to their deaths. All who do not follow me, I hope you may see the light of His Lordship & repent before death finally takes you."

Leon turns his back to the flesh-covered traitor & storms off in the opposite direction awaiting his followers.

(OOC) My character is leaving to establish a shelter. You can either come with him or go with BMaxwell's character (/OOC)

05-03-2006, 07:30
"Maybe you are a traitor, but I would rather be a traitor and live, than go with priest and die."
Aren moved to stand with Seth, "we can go into the tunnels, people don't like it there. It dark and smell bad. But you forget that after a time."

05-03-2006, 11:05
Holden walked over to... Uh... Aren and Seth? Yeah that was it.
"I'll go with you guys, Rather than nutjob over there if that's OK?" Holden asked. "But even if not, have either of you got-" Holden looked Seth up and down, "-Any normal food?" He grinned.

05-03-2006, 12:06
"no were gonna have to find some. but were not gonna be haveing any "normal" food for a while now"

Seth pondered which way to go. going into the sewers was a fairly decent Idea but if the marines started to search those it would be to easy to find them and if any explosion caused some of the tunnels to collapse they would be trapt.

but going out into the woods if any one full over head they would be spotted unless.....

He rembered there being a large cave in Mt. Apolyon along with a huge iron deposit in the mountatin which messed up any sensors.

"I know of a large cave on Mt Apolyon we would be safe there well at least for a time being but we would have to hike for two days. If you two are fine with that lets get on our way"

05-03-2006, 14:54
Rik pushed himself off the wall and looked at both parties. On one side the meat covered man and the other a preist. He leaned on his pipe as he slowly moved over to Seth but stopped.

If I go with Seth I'd probably have better chances of survival, if he can be trusted. But in killing that commissar I have sinned and It would be best to atone for my sins which I can do if I go with the preist. hmm

Rik quitely muttered a pray under his breathe and turned to the preist.

"I shall travel with you preist, I'm sure you will not lead me astray, for all I have now is faith."

05-03-2006, 22:09
Klaus studied the faces of Seth and Leon, hoping that one of them would relent... Neither were going to. He considered his options. Technically, the boys had a better chance, if the monsters were searching the area. But Klaus had to have faith. There wasn't anything left. If he turned his back on the God-Emperor and Mars, what was there? He was a preist of the machine.
"I cannot go with you." he said to Seth. "The God-Emperor on Earth will save his own. If we loose faith and turn our backs on Him... What else do we have but a dieing world and Monsters from the stars?"

05-03-2006, 22:30
"but isn't that all we ever had?"

06-03-2006, 07:30
Leon looked upon his newfound followers with a smile.

"Brothers! I am very glad that you have decided to follow me, for mine is the path of salvation. The Emperor looks favourably upon those that do not turn their back on Him. For He is the light in the darkness, & I have never seen as much darkness as in this place. Do not trouble yourselves with the blind & ungrateful back there, for they shall get their just rewards."

Now Leon thought hard to himself. He had gotten these men to follow him, he was their leader, their sheperd & he could not lead them astray. He thought of all the remote & safe places he had been in his time on Trevon V. There was the Temple of the Emperor's Divine Will, but that was out in the open & would be all too easy to find. There was the Basilica of Delphinus, though that was a full 5 weeks trek from here & there was no food. Straining to think, he glanced behind him, Sister Silvana catching his eye.

Of course! The monastery of Saint Nestor Ascendant, in the gorge of Mont Perethor. It is well hidden by the gorge walls & is heavily fortified, there will be food & even weapons to defend themselves lest they are discovered! It was a days marching through the open, vulnerable, wilderness, but if they followed the cover of the woods it would be three days. I'm not sure if these loyal, brave souls can make it for that long without food or drink, but the alternative leaves us dangerously exposed.

"My Brothers, I know a place where we can find shelter, sustenance & arms. It is not that far from here, a day if we march straight, though that way leads us through open ground, where the monstrous traitors can easily find us. The other way is to follow the forest, though that way is long & over difficult ground & then there is the matter of food. It will take three days that way, but at least it will be difficult for the traitors to find us.

So I leave it up to you, my flock, which way do we travel?"

06-03-2006, 15:40
"its time to go"

Seth said as he begun to walk towards Mt Apolyon which could be seen in the distance with it white caped peaks. well it was time to take charge.

"If any of you see anything that might be edible stop and gather it we're gonna need all the food that we can get."

Once they had gotten as far as they could before dark he would start to to hunt in the dark which was when most of the easy prey was out on this world.

OoC/okay so MarineoWar and gethalore are with me?/OoC

06-03-2006, 16:29
Scott sat down on the ground. He was a failure in the Emperor's eyes. He watched as te group split into two. There was no way he was going with Seth. He had to atone.

Scott went over to the priest and said,

"I am sorry for my weakness, but I feel I must go with you. I would gladly put my life on the line to defend any of you. If you can forgive me then I would beeternally grateful." Scott looked at tre ground. He couldn't expect the Emperor's forgiveness, but the forgiveness of this priest would have to do.

06-03-2006, 17:29
/ooc Sure do. ooc/

"Man I'm starting to doubt this whole faith thing anyway. If He really existed, wouldn't my folks be here? And why has my home been torn to pieces by giant scary pink guys? I'm with ya Seth."

Holden turned his back on the priest and looked at Aren.

06-03-2006, 21:29
"I've seen what they do to those they capture...." Klaus shuddered. Internally, something beeped as his ind brushed against the memory blocks. "I blocked it out. I don't ever want to see that again. The forest seems to be preferable, and I am Mechanicus... I require little in the way of rest or sustinance."
He paused and considered... "But perhaps we could find a vehical go move faster?"

07-03-2006, 00:44
Rik thought for a moment, he pondered on the final word 'arms' did the priest expect them to fight against an army of super soldiers? No he couldn't. However if they were attacked weapons do have their advantages. He then began to count off the number of safe places or shelters they could seek No, no, no. Damn, looks like it'll be a days hike for me then.

"OK Leon, I have faith that the shelter you have in mind will provide a safe haven for us, at least safer the woods" He shot a glace over to the other group as he rolled his decision over in his mind...

07-03-2006, 11:05
Leon heard footsteps approaching from behind him & spun around on the spot to face this new foe. He saw the guardsman approaching.

"I am sorry for my weakness, but I feel I must go with you. I would gladly put my life on the line to defend any of you. If you can forgive me then I would beeternally grateful," spoke the guardsman.

Leon expression lightened from a glowering stare to a welcoming smile.
"Brother, you have seen the error of your ways & wish to repent for your sins. This is most excellent. Of course you are not completely forgiven by the God-Emperor for your treachery, you shall have to work for that, but this is a wonderful start. I have faith that you will stay true to your word & serve His Gloriousness with courage & conviction.

Yes, Brother, I forgive you. Now what is your name?"

07-03-2006, 13:57
Gabriel took the sister's hand gently, he thought about kissing it, but thought the better of it. "Now I take it we will be leaving with the priest? As I don't think it would either of us any good to be seen to be consorting with traitors" With the he left to join the priest's group, stopping a few steps away from the sister gesturing for her to follow.. "Your not going to play hard to get are you?"

09-03-2006, 23:36
After a day of hikeing so far everything had been better but a sudden heat wave it.

Seth could have kept going but he needed to keep his body healthy and at the the moment there was now immediate threat.

He didn't know what the exact tempurate but it was at least 100 F.

In the shade

"take it easy today guys" Seth said as he sat down on the ground wipeing the sweat off of his brow

"we need to save our strength for tonight. we move at sunset until then stay here and just sit in the shade"

the rocks sucked the heat away form the body which helped but he was still sweating like he was in a furance.

10-03-2006, 12:58
"Sometimes, in the tunnels, it get like this. Very hot, but it always damp and close too." He stopped for a moment and looked around, "I like dry, open heat better."
At least in the tunnels we're safe. We know all the ways in them.
But the Giants will go there sooner than into big hills.
It's harder to hide out here, bright light, open spaces. And how can you trust other people?
If I can not trust them, who can I?
Me. I am all you can completely trust
But we must work together or we will all die.
Fine. Trust them if you want. But don't come to me when they turn on you.
Aren glanced around at the others, then shrugged and lay down among the rocks. If they were going to move at sunset he wanted to be well rested.

10-03-2006, 13:47
"Yeah I agree with you on that one Aren Dry heat is better" there was something off with him but he looked like he could be trusted

"So whats your story how long have you been out in the wilderness? why'ed you leave civilzation?"

These people would be his family form now until they were all dead. he needed to be able to trust them and to to trust them he had to know them

10-03-2006, 14:41
"So whats your story how long have you been out in the wilderness? why'ed you leave civilzation?" Seth asked.
A sad expression came over Aren's face, "I left my orphange when I was very young and lived on streets. Stealing food, fighting to keep it. Went into the tunnels when the troops started killing peope with no homes. It was a long time ago. In the tunnels, no day, no night, no years. Only darkness. I learned to find food, things that upper people let go, creatures that lived there. I survived for a long time, I don't know how long for. Then something went bang, my home was gone. What little I had was gone. All I have left is my life." He forced the sadness away, "so I made my way back to the top. You can hear for a long way down there, so I followed the voices, hoping that when they went away they would leave some food behind. But the bars were not strong, and I fell onto you.
"Now I am here."